Cloud and lightning. Modern children's fable about self-esteem

Cloud and lightning. Modern children's fable about self-esteem

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Learn to love yourself, as we are, it is a task that must be taught to children to increase their self-esteem.

Not comparing yourself with others because we all have our inner value is important, and that is how we must instill it in children.

Self-esteem will help our children to believe in themselves, to be happier and to seek your own goals in life.

The two ponies Cloud and Pirate They will teach us through this modern fable that they have nothing to envy the Lightning racing steed.

Cloud was a candy colored pony and white manes. Like all his kind he was short and had stubby legs. He lived on the outskirts of the city, in a farm next to Pirate, another black pony with gray mane.

Nube and Pirata were happy: their owners loved them, their stables were clean, and they had enough hay. In addition, they could trot and gallop around the meadow whenever they felt like it.

The children of the city used to go to the farm to learn to ride horses. His first classes always began on the back of Cloud or Pirate.

One morning some friends of the owners brought a racehorse, he was going to a competition. It was called Flash of lightning. He was beautiful, a true thoroughbred, all black and with the same color fur.

When Cloud saw it, he was astonished. Lightning galloped with much style and agility. The sun reflected off it, making it even more beautiful.

When the two horses met in the stables, Cloud said to Lightning:

- I wish I were like that: with your bearing, your elegance, your beauty ...

Lightning replied:

- Friend, don't want to be like me. I am always at races or competitions, my master is very demanding and the children look at me curiously, but they rarely come near me. You are fantastic just the way you are. Your owners love you, the children have a lot of fun with you and with Pirata, you make them happy and that is the most important thing. Always remember what I'm going to tell you: "You are as valuable as any beautiful steed"

Then Cloud went happily trotting across the meadow.

Find out if your child has understood the message of this modern fable a through a few simple questions.

Reading comprehension is very important in learning to read, because if the child does not understand the message the story will not be able to enjoy with books.

- What animal were Cloud and Pirate?

- What did they do with the children?

- Why did you want to be Cloud as Lightning?

- What did Lightning tell you?

- Would you like to be someone else? Who? Why?

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