Children's tales of vanities. Stories about vanity for children

Children's tales of vanities. Stories about vanity for children

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Stories help us understand certain abstract words, values, and teachings that are difficult to explain. So, are ideal for educating children in values and when transmitting certain messages or morals.

Since We have selected the best stories and legends that deal, this time, with vanity and pride. Reflect with these stories on the importance of valuing inner beauty and intangible gifts and values ​​versus outer beauty and material goods. Fantastic children's stories of vanities for our child understand why the value of humility is better than vanity.

All these short stories have something in common: They deal with vanity and the evil it can cause in people. Explain to your child why they should value and love themselves but never overvalue and adore their outer beauty versus inner beauty. And why should it promote values ​​such as humility and respect against the feeling of vanity or arrogance.

Remind your child with these stories what happens when someone is very vain: usually, they tend to lose friends and surround themselves with falsehood.

Princess Acafala. Discover the legend of Princess Acafala, a legend from Peru that transmits values ​​to children. Fantastic Latin American legend to read to children. A short story that teaches children why they shouldn't be so vain and explains to them in a magical and metaphorical way how the first starfish was born.

The snails. Hartzenbusch's Fable of the Snails. Fable about vanity for children. Show off something that others don't see as a quality. Popular fables for children. Teaching about vanity. Fable of Los Caracoles.

Narcissus the vain. Greek mythology for children. The story of Narcissus the vain and Echo. Legends of classical mythology told for children. Discover through this story how to tell children the main legends of Greek mythology.

Lito, the vain toad. Lito, the vain toad. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

The proud wolf and the lion. The Proud Wolf and the Lion is a popular children's fable by Aesop. A short story with a moral to read to children and talk about values. A fable that talks about assuming yourself is better than showing off. And that others should never be valued for appearances.

The red sneakers. What can children learn from the story 'The Red Shoes', by Hans Christian Andersen, a classic of children's literature. Teach kids that showing off, cheating, and being proud doesn't get us anywhere. A story for children to learn to be humble and sincere.

The smug little rat. our site offers you the children's story 'La ratita presumida'. It is a traditional story by the French writer, Charles Perrault, who talks to children about the need to choose their friends so that there is a good coexistence. It tells the story of a coquettish and conceited little mouse who wanted to get married.

The baobab. The Baobab is an African legend that tells children about pride and the consequences it can have. A beautiful legend that also explains why these African trees are so strange.

The elephant and the rain. This African legend, The Elephant and the Rain, tells us about how important water is to life and how destructive pride can be. our site brings us fantastic legend with values ​​for children.

The skin of the crocodile. African legend for children about the risk of being too conceited. Namibian tale or legend for children. What consequences can narcissism have?

The spider. The spider is a Latin American legend, from the Quechua culture. He speaks to us about values ​​such as kindness, empathy and about inner beauty and gratitude. Use captions with values ​​to educate your children. You will also be bringing them closer to the wonderful world of children's literature. Discover legends with values ​​for your child.

The Múcaro. Do you know why owls come out only at night? The history of the Múcaro explains everything. Do not miss this beautiful legend full of values ​​to read to children. It is a beautiful story that tells us about generosity, and also about greed and vanity. Find out with your child why owls only come out at night.

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