How to get children to be good eaters

How to get children to be good eaters

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When it comes to offering our children a healthy and balanced diet, it is easy for parents to need a nudge in the right direction. Let's be honest, when we talk about tastes, not all of us have the same, why would our children all be the same?

As among the little ones in the house, among the adults there are also bad dining rooms, which would hardly serve as an example for their children, but who, when the time comes, can make a little effort to row in the appropriate direction with these little tips to get children to be good eaters.

- If certain foods are not eaten at home, do not insist that the child eat them because they are healthy or because the pediatrician's prescription includes them on the list. Generally, foods from the same group provide very similar nutrients or, in the case of fruits and vegetables, those of the same color are usually substitutable for each other. Children do what they see, and unless they see you eating that food, they will not show interest in doing it themselves.

- Parents decide what food is put on the table. And that is where our role comes when it comes to feeding the child. What is eaten and how it is cooked is a task for the parents, although on special occasions, such as on their birthday, the child may be asked if they want to have lunch or dinner. Usually, children should not make this decision, while if they are theirs, when and how much. If you are not hungry at the moment, you can decide not to eat, or you can decide - if it is acceptable in family norms - to leave it for later when you are hungry. Always out of respect: neither is forced to eat nor is it saved for snack or dinner, but neither is another alternative meal made, but rather the routine is continued, at snack time, snack is offered and at dinner, dinner.

- Forget the "clean dishes." When we grew up, and also when our parents grew up, they were other times and there were other rules, which does not mean that we have to continue applying them. If it is true, however, that the obesity rate has increased alarmingly and finishing your plate without hunger does not help.

- Always drink water, and only water. Juices and sugary drinks have no place in the children's diet, except for special occasions.

- The sooner you establish healthy menus, better, if it is at 6 months, better than better! If the child gets used to seeing certain foods on his plate, he will eat them, while if he has never seen them, he will be more reluctant.

- Nothing to eat in front of the TV. For the child who eats poorly, it can be a way to distract him and put food in his mouth, while for the child who eats well, it is a way to overindulge in what he eats. In no case is it good to eat without knowing what you are doing.

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