Tree yoga pose or Vrksasana. Yoga asanas for kids

Tree yoga pose or Vrksasana. Yoga asanas for kids

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Yoga is very beneficial for children and adults. Therefore, it is an ideal exercise to practice as a family. From our site we encourage you to do yoga with your child to benefit from all its advantages together.

In this case, we teach you to do the tree pose or Vrksasana, an asana with many benefits for the body and mind. Find out how to do it correctly step by step.

With these short and simple directions, You will have no problem doing this beneficial yoga pose:

1. Stand on the mat, with your hands on your waist and your elbows back. Turn your right foot and bring it up the other legs as far as you can. The right leg will be bent.

2. Now fix your gaze on a point that you find at the level of your eyes. Stretch your arms with your palms up.

3. Raise your arms up, above your head. You can join the palms of your hands. It is time to imagine that you are a tree. Think that you are the tree that you like the most, and take a deep breath.

4. To undo the pose, lower your arms and repeat the previous movement but in reverse, descending.

We explain why you should practice this tree yoga pose with your child on a daily basis. Discover all the benefits that this yoga asana brings you:

1. You will distribute energy better. It is an asana that helps channel emotions better. Very appropriate for children who are very impulsive and have difficulty managing their anger or channeling their frustration.

2. Strengthens back and legs. This posture directly affects the muscles of the legs (thighs, calves and ankles) and the back, which will improve the posture of the spine and alleviate back pain in children.

3. Improves balance. This posture is ideal for sharpening and improving your sense of balance.

4. Improves concentration. Certainly, to keep your balance, you will need concentration. It is a very positive exercise for very absent-minded children or those with concentration difficulties.

5. Relieves sciatica and lumbago. In turn, improving the posture of the spine and strengthening the back muscles will help prevent pain in this area.

6. Reduce flat feet.

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