Penelope waiting for Ulysses. Short legend from Greek mythology

Penelope waiting for Ulysses. Short legend from Greek mythology

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Greek mythology contains the foundations of Western culture, that is why in Guiainfantil we are adapting the most beautiful stories in the form of short stories so that children learn and have fun at the same time.

The story of Penelope is the story of a very intelligent woman who devises a ploy to ward off her suitors while waiting Ulises come back from the Trojan War. A story of ingenuity and perseverance.

The Trojan War was long over and Ulises he did not return home to Ithaca where his wife was waiting for him Penelope and his son Telemachus. It turns out that Ulysses entertained himself on the way with the mermaids and with many other magical beings while in his palace in Ithaca, Penelope no longer knew how to mislead everyone. the suitors who wanted to marry her.

As Odysseus did not return from the Trojan War, the knights of Ithaca approached the queen's palace Penelope to choose another husband. But Penelope just wanted Ulises and she was willing to wait for him all the time. Besides, none of the suitors liked him even a little.

"Ulysses died in the Trojan War, because if not, he should have returned by now," the suitors told him. But Penelope knew deep in his heart that Ulises he had not died and that sooner or later he would return home.

Time passed and Ulysses did not return. Y the suitors They grew increasingly difficult for Penelope to choose a new husband. So she had no choice but to give in a bit, but as she was as resourceful as Ulysses, she came up with an idea to buy time before choosing a suitor. Because she was very sure that one day Ulysses would return, you just had to have a little patience.

- I will choose one of you when I finish knit this blanket what am I doing - he said Penelope. And he showed them a piece of a blanket that he was knitting.

The suitors they were satisfied although they did not know very well how long it would take Penelope in making the blanket. So they spent their days waiting and waiting and sometimes they went to see Penelope at the loom, but the blanket remained the same as the first day.

- I do not understand - said a suitor - he never finishes weaving the blanket.

What the suitors didn't know was that Penelope she was smarter than all of them put together. During the day they watched Penelope knit for hours on end, but they didn't see what she did at night. Because Penelope couldn't sleep because of the desire she had to see again UlisesSo she would get out of bed, go to her loom and undo everything she had done during the day. That way she would never finish knitting the blanket. Penelope's patience had its reward because one fine day, as she always sensed, Ulysses returned and drove all the suitors out of there.

The stories not only amuse children but also bring messages and stories with which we can educate and guide children. After reading this story to the children, ask them questions about what they understood from the story. Here are some suggestions:

1. Why didn't Ulises come home?

2. Why did the knights of Ithaca approach Queen Penelope's palace?

3. What did Penelope do to mislead the suitors who wanted to marry her?

4. Has Ulysses returned home or did he die in the war?

5. What have you learned from this story?

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