Second pregnancy: more frequent changes

Second pregnancy: more frequent changes

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The mother will be better prepared, physically and psychologically, to face the new challenge of a second pregnancy.However, the development of pregnancy and childbirth are not the same, even if the same woman experiences them, and there are aspects that must be taken into account . Some are positive and others not so much.

We tell you what theadvantages and disadvantages that you face in your second pregnancy:

- Typical pregnancy disorders. Decrease because the tissues have gained in elasticity. Back pain, first trimester nausea, sciatica, or circulation problems in the legs may appear differently.

- Labor is lighter. In general, if for a first child it can even take 24 hours from the start of labor to delivery, for the second, the time required is reduced by half. The dilation phase is usually shorter because the cervix clears very quickly. Also, the vaginal walls are more distended and more elastic, because it is not the first baby to cross the vaginal canal.

- Labor shortens its duration. After the first birth, the mother's body undergoes various changes that will facilitate the following deliveries. The adaptation time of the woman's body is reduced, because the cervix is ​​softer, as well as the surrounding tissues, which facilitates the dilation and expulsion of the baby. In addition, the woman is less scared, she already knows how to push and collaborates better with the gynecologist and the midwife.

- The belly shows before. It is due to the fact that the muscles of the abdomen are more relaxed and adapt earlier to changes in pregnancy. If during the first pregnancy, the pregnancy is not noticeable until the fourth or fifth month, in the second the belly is already visible from the third month.

- Baby's movements are noticed early. In the second pregnancy, the movements of the fetus are noticed from the 14th week of pregnancy, while the new mother does not experience them until the 20th or 22nd week. The advantage is that in the second pregnancy, the mother already knows that sensation and is able to recognize it immediately.

- The due date is brought forward. In the second pregnancy, various factors influence the length of pregnancy. The delivery date can be a few days earlier because the cervix is ​​softer and it is more difficult for it to stay closed until the end of the pregnancy.

- After a cesarean section, the second can be a vaginal delivery. The cesarean section scar does not constitute an obstacle to having a second vaginal delivery, especially if the first one was performed for a circumstantial reason and no complications occurred after the intervention.

- Less chance of episiotomy. Correct distension of the perineum tissue makes it possible not to perform an episiotomy. Before it was performed on almost all women to avoid tears, but if it was not required in the first delivery, it will not be necessary in the second either. The reason is that the vulva is better distended in the second delivery and the episiotomy is usually much smaller and sometimes not even necessary. This will show up in postpartum recovery.

- The hormonal downturn is better overcome. Previous experience helps to relativize the problems and use the mechanisms that helped to overcome the first postpartum depression. The multiplication of the workload does not cause as much anxiety because the mother feels more confident. The father tends to become more involved as he is less afraid to take care of the baby and, in general, the woman does not suffer as much from the postpartum slump.

- Easier to resume sexual activity. Resuming sex is less scary. As after the first delivery, it is advisable not to have penetrative intercourse in the six weeks after delivery, to allow time for the tissues to regain their elasticity, especially if there has been an episiotomy. It is advisable to practice Kegel exercises (contracting and relaxing the vagina) to help the perineum regain its elasticity.

- Breastfeeding: experience counts. The establishment of breastfeeding has no secrets for a mother who is going to initiate it for the second time. Now the chest and nipples are more tanned and the skin less sensitive. With the above experience, the mother adapts more safely to the needs of her baby.

- The uterus takes longer to return to its size. The uterus takes a little longer to return to its original size due to muscle strain. The wrongs, which are spasms that help to contract it, are more numerous and painful during the 3 or 4 days after delivery.

- Getting the line back is a more difficult task. Although there are no medical reasons for this, it takes longer for the body to regain shape. Generally, once breastfeeding is over, and with a healthy diet and exercise program, the body returns to its ideal weight.

- The tiredness is more noticeable. Sleeping little and interrupted by breastfeeding hours and, at the same time, caring for the older child translates into greater fatigue and lack of time. It is advisable to be helped to regain sleep and rest during the baby's naps.

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