The octopus in love. Children's poem about love

The octopus in love. Children's poem about love

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This original and beautiful children's poem about love: The octopus in love, tells the story of an octopus that drinks the winds for a starfish that ignores it. When the octopus finally decides not to keep looking at the little star, can you imagine what happens? We already anticipate that it is like life itself.

This is one of the reasons why we think it is a great poem to read to our children and to understand what often happens when love is not reciprocated.

An octopus is in love

of a sea star

and his three little hearts

they don't stop throbbing.

On her side the little star

haughty and very conceited,

just a prince charming

want to have in your life.

The octopus dances in the sea

in front of the star

and suddenly a heart

much louder beats.

The octopus swims in the sea

stretching its tentacles,

but the star does not look

for her it is only an obstacle.

With strength to see the star

their three hearts beat

and although he wants inside,

the octopus does not attend to reasons.

When a heart bleeds

has been moving away from her,

His blood is blue!

the star sees it right away.

That is why he calls out to him,

running goes after him,

but the sad octopus

he doesn't want to see her again.

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