Guantín and Guantón. Children's story about love between siblings

Guantín and Guantón. Children's story about love between siblings

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Are your children twins and do they fight a lot? Or are they not twins but they also fight? We invite you to read this beautiful children's story about love between siblings.

A nice short story for your children to understand and reflect that, no matter how much the other bothers them, life is much better with them and, if they were not there, nothing would be the same.

Lucia went into the store to buy those beautiful gloves she had seen in the window. She liked them so much that she wore them without letting the clerk wrap them for her.

The Guantín and Guantón brothers had always remained together. Like almost all the gloves they were twins, warm, with five fingers, very soft and of a beautiful color.

When she got home, Lucía left the gloves in a drawer on the front table, which has since become her new home.

One morning she came out very happy with her gloves on, and as she went to take them off, Guantín fell into a puddle and got stained. Lucia stayed with Guantón on and put Guantín in her bag, this being the first time that the brothers separated.

When he got home he put the two gloves in the washing machine but, when he went to hang them, Guantón disappeared as if by magic.

His brother Guantín began to ask all the clothes that were hanging on the clothesline.

"Have you seen my brother Guantón?" He asked a shirt.

"Have you seen Guantón?" He asked a pair of pajama pants.

"Have you seen Guantón?" He asked a pair of happy socks.

"Has anyone seen my brother Guantón?" He asked more and more distressed when he saw that no one answered.

On the other hand, Lucia, when she missed one of the gloves, began to search nervously throughout the house but, inexplicably, Guantón did not appear.

Five long days passed and, increasingly saddened, Guantín saw the clothes parade on the clothesline without his brother appearing.

When they least expected it, Michu, the kitten of the house with Guantón in his mouth, appeared.

With great care, Lucia rescued Guantón from the cat's jaws. Although it was somewhat battered, miraculously it was not broken. He washed it very delicately, this time by hand, and held it out beside his brother. When they saw each other again they cried with joy and, thanks to this event, they realized how much they loved each other.

Find out if your child has understood the story of Guantín and Guantón by asking these simple reading comprehension questions:

- What relationship did Guantín and Guantón have?

- What happened to one of them?

- How did the brother who was left alone feel?

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