Breastfeeding and tattoos: are there any risks to the baby?

Breastfeeding and tattoos: are there any risks to the baby?

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Can I get a tattoo if I am breastfeeding? It is a recurring question among mothers who are breastfeeding and also like to have their bodies tattooed.

Currently few pediatric associations have expressed themselves on the compatibility of tattoos during breastfeeding. Since tattoos are so widespread today, on our site, we answer this question common to many moms.

- Taking the necessary hygiene precautions to avoid the spread of an infectious disease The answer is yes, You can get a tattoo even if you are breastfeeding your child.

- The tattoo ink stays on the skin, it does not pass into the blood, so in no case will it pass into the milk either. Your baby is safe.

- What you should avoid is tattooing your nipple or areolaWell, in that case the baby could ingest any of the toxic products used in tattoos.

- Of course you should look for a place that meets hygienic requirements and health that ensure the necessary sterility of the instruments used, in order to avoid contagion of diseases.

- The lidocaine-based anesthetic spray used for some tattoos is also compatible with breastfeeding.

- Medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen that can be taken to mitigate subsequent pain are also compatible with breastfeeding.

- Yes you should know that in some milk banks do not accept donations if you have recently had a tattoo. You have to wait between 4 and 12 months after making it to be able to donate breast milk.

- You must be careful, however, if you want to remove a tattoo. And it is that the laser that is used disperses the tattoo pigments, which pass into the blood and could reach milk.

Concluding: Take the necessary measures to avoid catching diseases or infections, just as you would if you were not breastfeeding, otherwise you can rest easy and get the tattoo whenever you want.

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