Control violence in adolescents: a rising social risk

Control violence in adolescents: a rising social risk

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Awareness of sexist violence has improved enormously, among the generations that are currently between 20 and 40 years old. Social progress has been significant in this area, but much remains to be done. I am personally concerned about the rise of an underground, subtle, but equally harmful form of gender violence among today's adolescents: it is the control violence in adolescents.

- What is control violence?

Control violence consists of spying on, restricting and / or preventing the partner's freedom, especially in the field of telephone communication. At the present time, it mainly affects communications via WhatsApp. The aggressor may demand to have the telephone key of the victim.

- Is control violence frequent in adolescents?

Up to 90% of adolescents admit to having exercised psychological violence on their girlfriend.

- Is control violence a form of sexist violence?

Yes. In fact, the United Nations defines violence against women as "any act of gender violence that results, or may result in physical, sexual or psychological harm to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether it occurs in public or private life ". The deprivation of liberty is one of the cases.

- What other forms of gender violence affect adolescents?

In addition to the telephone inspection, there are adolescents who are pressured into having sexual relations without full conviction. Others refer to a restrictive control over clothing (type and color), makeup and the friends they frequent.

- When should the alarms go off?

- If the couple is jealous. Jealousy is not a proof of love.

- If the couple wants to control the activity and companies of the adolescent at all times.

- If the couple isolates her from her environment-circle of friends.

- If you criticize her for her way of being, dressing, putting on makeup.

- If it makes you feel guilty.

High-profile initiatives among the adolescent community such as the song “Lo malo”, by Aitana and Ana Guerra, are very positive, as they try to banish the myth of the “bad boy” (controlling, dominant, intrusive, toxic) and empower women . It is urgent that the adolescent reality change.

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