How the family can affect student achievement

How the family can affect student achievement

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The family environment is essential for our children to have an adequate and balanced maturational and normalized development at their age.

The family atmosphere where a child develops as a person is exposed to various stimuli that cause a result, rather than a result, consequences. Of these consequences, some attitudes; the set of these attitudes make up a behaviour, and the set of those behaviors or conducts, generate the personalities.

Therefore, family influence directly influences our personality. We explain how the family environment can affect student performance.

The set of relations o interrelations that occur among family members, how they face decision-making, how they manage their emotions on a daily basis, the value they give to each of the actions they perform, and the prevailing values ​​of the heads of the family, makes every family have a direct hit and special in each of the children.

Taking into account the influence of the environment, we must pay attention to two aspects very important;

1- Influence of the family environment regarding academic performance.

Regarding academic performance, parents have a lot to say, both in controlling environmental factors, how in ensuring that children always do their homework in the same place, have good light, the necessary material, in the specific help they need and in managing the studying time.

Even parents can share sporadic school work with their children with the intention of doing joint activities. It also supports academic performance when there are books at home, when you go to read or watch movies, even listen to certain music to your parents. All this plus doing activities as a family makes family pressure support academic performance.

That is, to promote all the agents, resources and external stimuli to put the best of the conditions.

2- Influence of the family environment in terms ofemotional management.

Regarding the influence of the environment on emotional management, it is very important to pay attention to the way in which parents deal with adversity or everyday problems, since we are mirrors for our children and they will copy the model that we offer them.

If our parents are usually in calm or quiet, which is the best version of people, and not constantly in disturbances or emotional peaks (anger, anger, sadness, frustrations generally exaggerated) surely we are educating children in calm and tranquility.

If our parents deal with emotions in an empathic and calm way, they will be educating their children in empathy and tranquility.

What differentiates some families from others is that some have a positive and constructive family environment that promotes the proper and happy development of the child, and on the other hand, other families do not live interpersonal relationships correctly, which causes the child not to acquire the best behavior model from their parents or to have significant affective deficiencies.

Managing emotions is basic for the education of our children.

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