Prohibited foods for pregnant women

Prohibited foods for pregnant women

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When we become pregnant, we are suddenly surrounded by a whirlwind of advice and recommendations that we had not contemplated, and you discover that certain foods that you considered healthy, such as salads, are really dangerous for your baby.

Can we trust some supposedly healthy foods? Above all, do not go crazy. Indeed there are foods of which we cannot trust, we tell you what they are and what you should do if you want to take them.

From the moment you get pregnant you must be especially careful with what you eat. Your diet will be crucial for the proper development of the baby and you should not neglect it or risk taking certain foods that, although they may seem healthy, may entail dangers to the baby.

When you start reading the list of prohibited foods for pregnant women One falls apart: ice cream, meats, fish, cheeses, pâtés, eggs, sauces, cold cuts, salad! ... then what is left for me?

Do not despair, you can eat almost everything, although you have to be careful in the preparation mode.

1- Salads: salads are healthy, the problem is not washing their components well. The leaves of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots ... can harbor germs harmful to the baby, so it is always better that if you prepare the salad at home, put its ingredients in water with a few drops of disinfectant for 20 minutes and rinse it well.

Another option is to buy the bagged lettuce, already washed. In this case, you must take into account that it has been in a refrigerated place, that it does not have condensation inside, that it is not expired, and that the edge of the leaves is not blackened. It should clearly state that no washing is necessary.

2- Raw fish: Ceviches or sushi are forbidden from the pregnant woman's menu, especially if the restaurant is doubtful. Do not prepare these dishes at home, especially if the fish is fresh. It is recommended freeze the fish before eating it raw, at least 4 days, and at very low temperatures. The danger is in the bug called anisakis, an intestinal parasite that wreaks havoc on the body.

3- Raw meats: Forget the carpaccio, and the undercooked steaks or to the point, you can contract toxoplasmosis. For a few months you can only eat well cooked meat, that is, it is not red or pink inside. Better if you eat it for a few months fried, since the high cooking temperature will eliminate all the possibilities that an unwanted inhabitant remains inside.

4- Egg: The inside of the egg does not usually present problems, but the shell does, a place that can be contaminated by the salmonella. The problem is that, little by little, this salmonella can penetrate inside the egg, so just consume very fresh eggs and wash them before. Much better if you eat them cooked, and that there is no trace of liquid in the yolk or in the white.

If you want to eat sauces made with raw egg, better if they are canned.

5- Preserves: Only those purchased from reliable brands. Homemade can contain very dangerous bacteria, if the products to be preserved have not been properly cleaned, sterilize the jars, and much better if it is preserved in vinegar and not in oil.

In any case, do not get hysterical, but exercise caution: when in doubt do not eat it.

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