Spring allergies and pregnancy

Spring allergies and pregnancy

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A high percentage of medications are discouraged or prohibited during pregnancy, therefore, women who suffer from any disease and require certain drugs should consult with their specialist and gynecologist during pregnancy.

One of these disorders is spring allergy: to pollen, mites, grasses, pollution, olive trees, poplars ... What can a pregnant woman with spring allergy do?

The first advice that the pregnant woman should follow is to avoid areas with a lot of vegetation or those to which she is more sensitive, whether they are poplar groves or arizonic areas. Close windows On windy days and going outside with a mask is also recommended.

Despite many medications are not recommended during pregnancySometimes the symptoms caused by certain diseases are more harmful than the medicine itself. Hence, spring allergy symptoms like allergic rhinitis, itchy eyes, sneezing, dry cough, or asthma They can be treated during pregnancy to avoid discomfort to the woman.

- Asthma: in this case, suffocation, lack of oxygen and the sensation of suffocation cause the baby to receive less oxygen, in such a way that doctors allow the asthmatic woman to be treated with bronchodilators.

- Antihistamines: they are not prohibited for pregnant women during pregnancy, however, it is advisable to consult which is the most suitable at this stage and in what proportion.

- Mucolytics: the usual ones should not be used since in some cases their use has been related to cases of fetal death, however, again the gynecologist will be able to prescribe the most appropriate and least harmful. More home remedies such as sea water or saline water can also be used.

- Eye drops: It is also feasible to use drugs that help relieve itching, stinging and redness of the eyes.

An allergic crisis or an asthmatic attack can cause discomfort in the pregnant woman and raise her level of stress and fatigue, something that can harm the baby, therefore specialists recommend drug treatment in these cases.

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