How to create the habit of reading books in children

How to create the habit of reading books in children

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We all know how important it is to him intellectual development of children acquire the habit of reading. Therefore, assuming that all children imitate the behavior of their parents, if the parents are fond of reading, the little ones will end up biting the book bug. A good way to start children in reading is through stories.

Currently, there are a multitude of different stories or fables: some come with stickers, others are colored or have foldouts. It is important that the child choose the book that you like so that you will be interested in reading it.

Avoid doing it against his will, because this activity may have the opposite effect on him. We show you some guidelines you can follow to create the habit of reading books in children.

The great difficulty when it comes to motivate the child in reading It resides in the lack of knowledge that many parents have, when it comes to placing their child on this path. The interest in reading can be suggested to the child in a simple, spontaneous and lasting way, if your child begins to have contact with books from a very young age, before even learning to read.

If children are familiar with books, according to some research, they will be more prepared to be successful in school. The act of reading or simply flipping through a book will stimulate children's intelligence, imagination and creativity. Start building that enriching daily habit for him today and make your home a great library. Encourage your children to read!

1. Preach by example
To begin with, your child needs to see you, whenever possible, with a book in hand. Children will feel more interest for reading a book if they see that this habit is present in their environment. Think that children love to copy and imitate as a way of learning. If they notice that you like to read and that you treat books with care and respect, they will likely do the same.

2. Encourage contact with the book
It is necessary to be convinced that reading should be used as another form of fun and not as an obligation. Books should not be introduced into the environment daily only when you start school or are learning to read. Contact with books should start earlier.

3. Stimulate your senses
When your baby is able to sit firmly on the floor or in the crib, offer books to handle. Buy him educational stories, You will love it! There are small and curious books on the market made with cloth, and even with plastic material, suitable for playing at bath time.

There are also small dictionaryso that your baby becomes familiar with the words, the letters, relating them little by little to the image. The secret at this age is to make the baby see the book as one more toy, with which he can to learn, getting older, discovering, creating fantasies, and hearing many interesting and charming stories.

At first, try to give preference to illustrated books, with few words, and have your child touch it, caress it and smell it. There are books that contain sounds, pieces of wool and other materials so that babies also enjoy the touch. There are also scents!

4. Read aloud to him
When he is older, the ideal is to read aloud to him, always following the stories in the book. Currently, many books sold with CD, a great idea that the little ones love. Take some time every day to share with your children in your arms the pleasure of reading a story, away from the distractions of television. It starts with the Traditional tales, classics, but fundamentally choose books that you like. If a book is boring, forget it and find another that is more interesting.

5. Take him to the library
When your child can be quiet indoors, take him to visit a library. Thus, the child will have the opportunity to become familiar with books, will learn to handle them and will be building a friendship and a bond with reading. You will want to come back many times to choose the book you want.

6. Give him books
Another way to stimulate a child's interest in books is to turn a book into a prize. Every time you have to reward your child for something important, give him a book on his favorite topic.

7. Encourage him to participate in the reading
When you finish reading the story, ask him to tell you what happened to a character, or even encourage your child to guess what will happen at the end. Take the opportunity to comment on good and bad situations, and compare a fragment of the story with their experiences, asking questions such as: "What would you do in his place? What did the same thing happen to us one day?"

8. Enrich your library
When you feel that your child is already interested in the stories, gets involved with the plot, identifies with the characters, begins to take part and to imagine different endings, do not stop surprising him with new stories. It is advisable to continue this custom, always supplying your home with new books and magazines.

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