What to do when the child fails

What to do when the child fails

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When the school year ends, in June or November, depending on the country, children only think about enjoying their long-awaited vacations, but on the other hand the end of the year represents the school evaluation, that is, the school grades. If they have managed to pass everything, things are going well, but as they have failed ... oh, as they have failed, everything is altered and complicated.

We give you some tips on what to do when the child fails. Take note.

School-age children, so that study is something natural, they need to be motivated. Stimulate curiosity and exploration. But sometimes some children have difficulties when they start studying, these difficulties can come from physical problems, such as hearing, visual, hormonal, and other times even emotional problems.

Therefore, the first thing to do is find the causes of these difficulties and then try to put the appropriate solution.

In most cases our answer is the following:

1. Shout out: In reality, yelling at the child does not solve anything, what is done is done and now you have to find the solution.

2. Punish: Of course when bad grades are brought home you have to impose some kind of sanctionBut a lifetime punishment doesn't solve anything either.

3. Compare: Children should never be compared between siblings, cousins ​​or peers, each child has their own learning pace and if it is necessary to compare that is its own evolution.

Parents must always demonstrate great confidence in their children and their abilities and encourage them, helping them in one way or another with daily tasks. But also do all these things:

- Establish ourselves achievable goals for our son / daughter.

- Establish a study routine with them, showing interest in the things they do and helping them as much as possible.

- Congratulate them on the progress and the achievements they are having, and say motivating words such as 'I congratulate you', 'Keep it up', 'You have improved a lot'.

- Do not criticize him on the mistakes you make and help you learn from them.

- Encourage at home a favorable climate so you can study quietly, taking care of lighting, ventilation, acoustics, among others.

On the other hand, pretending that our children stay at home all afternoon doing homework or studying is not the solution, establishing a study routine, but also having their time to play or do sports. Did you know that about 40% of children who practice sports improve their school performance and their education in values?

Well, nothing to arm yourselves with dialogue, patience and a lot of understanding, or if you don't remember your student days and try to empathize with them.

Good luck!!

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