The rattle album. Modern fable for children

The rattle album. Modern fable for children

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Fables always carry learning with them.

MarĂ­a O'Donnell has written us a modern fable to tell children and convey to them the importance of courage of perseverance at work.

Children always have a hard time understanding that continuous effort will pay off in the future, which is why the Rattlesnake squirrel felt overwhelmed when the teacher commissioned him to do field work.

When the teacher Lechuza sent the end-of-year work to her students, she did not think that it would be a problem for the Rattlesnake squirrel.

The task was to find and paste in a field notebook the largest number of different leaves with their scientific name. It also had to be decorated with drawings. The teacher allowed the elders to ask for some help.

As soon as he heard it, Rattle began to get overwhelmed:

- With the two months that I have for work, I won't have time to fill out the album, it's impossible!

When she got to the tree where she lived with her family, her father saw her very worried.

- What's the matter, Rattlesnake?

- It is the teacher, she has gone crazy! She has ordered us to do a whole book and in just two months, I will fail, I will have to repeat a year and I will not be able to go to school. Summer Camp".

The parent who knew that the squirrel was sometimes a little over the top tried to help her.

- Let's see little one, you just need to plan well: for a couple of days collect all the leaves that you can, the rarer the better; then you classify them and leave a page for each one, you ask the grandfather for the scientific name and you will make the decoration great.

Rattlesnake, after talking to her father, felt much calmer, she went out into the forest, collected a lot of leaves, changed the ones she had repeated with her classmates, went to see her grandfather and drew the schemes with care.

Every afternoon he was looking forward to getting out of school to complete his album.

On the last day of class, the teacher Lechuza was surprised by the magnificent work of Cascabel, not only did she give him a ten, she also asked him to have him as a model in class for the following year.

Moral: Work calmly and tenaciously, and forget about worry.

Find out if your child has understood the meaning of this fable and the moral with these simple questions. Reading comprehension is important for the child to develop love of reading.

- What job did the teacher commission?

- How long did you allow to finish the job?

- Who did Cascabel have to ask the name of the leaves?

- Who did the album decoration?

- What grade did the teacher give you?

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