My face. Traditional poems for children

My face. Traditional poems for children

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Learning through poetry helps children better assimilate certain concepts. The musicality of children's poems They allow better memorization, they also develop the expressive capacity of children.

Gloria Fuertes it has been the great precursor of poetry for children in Spain. His rhymes have been passed from generation to generation, serving as an educational tool for many nursery schools. We offer you here one of his best known poems: 'My face'.

Gloria Fuertes She is the most influential Spanish author in terms of children's poetry. His verses have captivated thousands of children, and today they remain the main learning tool used by early childhood teachers. Enjoy with your child this beautiful rhyming poem:

Poetry of my face

In my round face

I have eyes and a nose

and also a little mouth

to talk and to laugh.

With my eyes I see everything

with my nose I make achis,

with my mouth like how


Author: Gloria Fuertes

Use these questions to find out if your child understood the message of the poem:

- What does Gloria Fuertes's poem talk about?

- What does the poem that the boy or girl has on the face say?

- How does the protagonist have his face? Is it elongated?

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