Causes of bullying

Causes of bullying

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In his article titled Bullying: a fear of death, the psychologist and journalist Henar L. Senovilla, affirms that the causes that can cause bullying are incalculable. Bullying has many forms of manifestation and causes unlimited damage.

In general, the causes or factors that provoke bullying in educational centers are usually personal, family and school. Personally, the harasser looks superior, either because he has the support of other attackers, or because the harassed person is someone with very little ability to respond to attacks. In most occasions, what the stalker wants is to see that the harassed is having a bad time.

We tell you what the main causes of bullying.

Thebullying It can occur in any type of school, public or private, but according to some experts, the larger the school, the more risk there is of bullying. To this feature, we must add the lack of physical control and surveillance in educational centers. It would be advisable for there to always be someone in the corridors, teachers or caregivers, to attend and inspect the students.

Apart from that, the treatment given to the students is very important. Lack of respect, humiliation, threats or exclusion between teaching staff and students lead to a climate of violence and situations of aggression. The school should not be limited only to teaching, but it should function as a generator of social behaviors.

In the family field, the origin of violence in children may lie in the absence of a father or in the presence of a violent father. This situation can generate aggressive behavior in children and lead to violence when they are adolescents. In addition to that, marital tensions, socioeconomic situation or poor organization at home, can also contribute to aggressive behavior in children.

In summary, the causes of bullying They can reside in educational models that are a reference for children, in the absence of values, limits and rules of coexistence; in receiving punishments through violence or intimidation and in learning to solve problems and difficulties with violence.

When a child is constantly exposed to these situations, ends up automatically recording everything in its memory, going to externalize it when it sees fit For the child who practices the bullying, violence is only an instrument of intimidation. For him, his performance is correct and, therefore, he does not condemn himself, which does not mean that he does not suffer for it.

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