Names for boys and girls with the most beautiful meanings in the world

Names for boys and girls with the most beautiful meanings in the world

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If you are looking for a name for your baby that has a special and different meaning, this is the list of names for boys and girls with the most beautiful meanings in the world.

They are names sometimes known and other times different and original but all of them united by the same link: they are the most beautiful.

Alana: refers to the Alans, an ancient nomadic people originating from Scythia, an enigmatic people that was located in Eurasia. This beautiful name means "precious awakening".

Adara: It is such a beautiful name that even a star bears it, it is the second brightest star in the constellation Canis Major. Its main meaning is "orange blossom"

Cassandra: a beautiful name from Greek mythology, it means "sister of men" and "the one who shines the most"

Farah- This name has an Arabic origin and comes from ancient Egypt. Its beautiful meaning is "happiness" and "joy"

Iliana: it is a very common name in Romania and has two possible origins, a Hebrew whose meaning would be "tree" and a second Greek origin in reference to Troy which was known as Ilion which means "of great beauty."

Jennifer: is a name for girls of Welsh origin. It comes from Gwenhwyfa which means "white as the foam of the sea", "woman with purity and justice" or "the one with a luminous spirit". All precious meanings.

Laila or Leila: it is a beautiful girl's name of Arabic origin that means "beautiful night".

Lara: is a girl's name of Latin origin. A name that comes from Greek mythology, she was a water nymph and was well known for her beauty.

Thais: means 'ray of light'. It is the name of a goddess who courted the men of the time to fight for her.

Zaira: a beautiful name of Arabic origin that means Illuminated and bright

Year: it is the male version of Alana, it means "the one who is very beautiful". It is of Celtic origin and is much better known in its French version, Alain.

Amador: a name for a boy of Latin origin that comes from amator, whose meaning could not be other than, "who loves, who wants well"

Callisto: comes from the Greek Kállistos and again its meaning returns us to beauty because it means "beautiful" and "the best".

Cosme: a classic name that comes from the Greek Kosmas and that means "beautiful, adorned".

David. A very popular biblical name for years, it is of Hebrew origin and means "the one who is loved."

Hassan: again we are faced with a name of Arabic origin that means "attractive, beautiful". It was the name of a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Jamal: one of the most beautiful names and is that its meaning is precisely that attractiveness, beautiful.

Kalet: it is a name of French origin that means "the one who has a beautiful energy".

Naim: it is a beautiful boy's name of Arabic origin that also has two precious meanings: happiness and serenity.

Oliver: It is believed that this name refers to the "olive tree" and what it symbolizes, wisdom. Another of the meanings that is given is "the one that bears fruit" or "the one that is full of beauty.

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