Why dancing or moving your hands helps you speak better

Why dancing or moving your hands helps you speak better

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Did you know that there is a relationship between the dexterity we have with the movement of our body and the ease with which we vocalize?

Synchronizing the arms, hands, fingers, feet and legs, chest, shoulders and hips is something that involves a high level of self-knowledge that facilitates the harmonic movement that occurs, for example, when we dance.

Control of body movements, including those of the face, influences the ability to vocalize well. We tell you why dancing or moving your hands helps you speak better.

From the moment we are born we have been practicing coordination with each of the muscles involved in movement, and the bases of this skill will not be well learned until a few years have passed, so a lot of practice is necessary daily.

The same happens with both small muscles (those of the face) as large (the rest of the body). The difference between one or the other is that the muscles of the face, which must coordinate with each other, are much closer to each other and are also much smaller, for that reason it is more difficult to realize how we can pronounce well the words, regardless of how long and difficult they are.

In both cases it is about precision, and in fact, it is very likely that if your child is skilled in the motor activities, also be it to talk.

So if your son it is difficult for him to pronounce well the words, notice if he is abrupt playing with others and his movements are not very subtle, because if so you can train this subtlety by doing relaxed activities that allow you to focus on the movement of fingers or hands to achieve the results you are looking for, such as drawing and painting with different paints (the brush is finer and requires more precision than chalk).

Do plastic activities rIt requires paying attention to the movement and pressure exerted by different parts of the body, as well as allowing us to make visible the results that are achieved if we exert more or less force with the material we are using, so that children feel motivated to be more precise in their movements.

The same happens if we want to learn a choreography for a specific dance, but in this case the attention will be directed to the whole body and it will not need as much precision because the muscles that take place in the dance are larger than in the case of manual activities .

We have the advantage that these types of games can be extrapolated when it comes to vocalize better, since in all cases it is about having more knowledge of what we are capable of doing with our body. Games that require more precision are especially interesting, because they are more similar to the muscles of the face (tongue, lips, cheeks ...).

In addition, as it is a very different type of activity from talking, it is easier for the child not to feel pressured to do well and collaborate with more enthusiasm.

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