Co-sleeping with two children at the same time

Co-sleeping with two children at the same time

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The practice of co-sleeping (sleeping with your baby) is increasingly widespread. Some families do it for the benefits it brings to the baby and others to avoid getting up many times during the night.

But, what happens if we are already colliding with a child and a new baby comes home? We give you a series of tips to collide with two babies at the same time.

Some families decide to collect out of conviction of the benefits it brings to the baby, the most important being the reduction of the risk of sudden death (provided that the recommendations for safe co-sleeping are followed).

Others end up sleeping together for sheer survival, after having spent several nights getting up every two by three to the crying of the baby alone in his crib, who remains calm next to Mom. And then they discover that they enjoy this way of sleeping so much that, although the baby is growing, it is maintained for comfort and family enjoyment.

But what happens when a new baby arrives? Pregnancy can be a good time for the eldest son or daughter to go to their room and thus not associate this change with the arrival of the new member of the family. But this is not always the case, and we see that the moment of birth is approaching and there are still three of us in bed. If this is your case, and you have doubts about how to survive double co-sleeping, here are some tips:

- The two adults (if any) must be agree to share the bed and take responsibility for the safety of children, being aware at all times of where the little ones are located.

The surface where you sleep must be firm and wide enough for everyone. This can be achieved by attaching a co-sleeping cot or even a single bed to the main bed. Make sure that there are no gaps between the two mattresses or between the mattress and the wall, so that the baby cannot get caught in them.

The baby should not sleep next to the older brother for the first 12 months. It is safer for the mother to sleep between them, and for the baby to sleep in an attached co-sleeping crib.

- At twins case, Being of a similar size and weight, they will be able to sleep together in the co-sleeping crib.

Among the advantages of sleeping all together are that the elderly will not feel displaced, adults will not have to get up a thousand times to respond to their needs with which you will sleep better, and you will live unforgettable family moments and mornings.

The main drawback, apart from the space, is that when one of the children wakes up, the other can wake up, but the good thing is that by responding faster to their crying you can solve it quickly.

Sweet dreams!

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