Dyeing your hair while breastfeeding

Dyeing your hair while breastfeeding

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When we become nursing mothers, fears assail us And each act that we did routinely before now generates all kinds of doubts and fears: will it be safe in breastfeeding? Will it go to milk? Will it be safe for the baby? ... One of these things that we may have doubts about is going to the hairdresser to look a little better.

Many women wonder if hair dye can be harmful to the baby. Can a woman who is committed to breastfeeding dye her hair? Should you look for a special dye or do any type of dye work? We answer this eternal question and we discuss the pros and cons of dyeing your hair while breastfeeding.

Dyeing or dyeing hair is something we have done for thousands of years, the Egyptians already changed the color of their hair with different substances and, over the years, women and men have used them to modify their appearance.

The dyes we currently use are composed of various substances that, in most cases, they do not pose a danger to the mother or the baby. Its components do not pass into the blood and, therefore, are not eliminated in milk. They are compatible with breastfeeding. Whenever we have doubts about whether we can consume any product for fear that it could pass into the milk and harm the baby, you can consult with the pediatrician.

You may have heard of a study linking childhood leukemia to hair dye. In the first place, to say that this study refers to pregnant women not to lactating mothers, therefore these are very different situations. And furthermore, the study is nothing more than a hypothesis that has not been tested.

Like any treatment or intervention, it is always advisable to follow the safety regulations in its use, whether you do it at home or if you apply it at the hairdresser.

1. Avoid direct contact with the baby
If you apply the dye at home, avoid being in contact with the baby while the application lasts, ventilate the house well and, afterwards, wash your hair thoroughly so that no compounds of the dye remain on the scalp.

2. Don't take the baby to the hairdresser
If you bet on applying the dye in the hairdresser, it is better that the baby is not inside it, since many chemical products are used. If they can stay with the baby for a while so you can go to the hairdresser, all the better.

3. Do a sensitivity test
In all cases, beauticians recommend doing a sensitivity test on a small part of the scalp, since allergic reactions can occur in the first months after childbirth due to the hormonal changes typical of breastfeeding.

So, with a few simple precautions, we can continue to enjoy going to the hairdresser without this being a risk for our lactation. Do not be afraid to get your hair touched up if you need it, because with minimal security measures, you will not put your health or the health of your baby at risk.

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