Games and toys for the holidays

Games and toys for the holidays

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Play and toys not only change as the child grows, but also they are transformed as a function of time and temperature, or whether or not children are in class periods.

In any case, we must never forget that both games and toys are there to amuse, teach and educate, but also to help and relax the little ones, and allow them to share great moments of entertainment with their family and friends. Write down our proposals regarding games and toys for children's holidays.

When the school year is over, or during the Easter holidays, the children park their textbooks, notebooks and pens, that are replaced by toys. Some parents are in favor of giving a small gift, what they call a "prize", to their children after a year of effort and sacrifice. There is no doubt that summer holidays are the most anticipated by children. With the heat they can do a much greater number of activities: going to the pool, the beach, being in contact with nature, doing sports outdoors, playing in the yard.

Good weather for many children represents freedom and fun at all times. The games and toys that encourage them the most at this time of year they are:

- The rope

- The bicycle or the tricycle in the case of the little ones

- The skates and all those toys that they can use in the street.

In addition to playing, they also have the opportunity to practice and learn a sport:

- Play tennis outdoors

- To swim

- Volleyball on the beach.

In addition, it is also a good time for the little ones to learn to use a camera; Today there are an infinity of cameras made especially for the little ones, capable of withstanding sudden movements and even falls.

Children can also learn to play board games, paint a good picture book, combine the clothes of their dolls and their dolls. And together with the toys, children can spend a large part of the day in the park. They love swings, slides, and seesaws. During the holidays, parents can also help to awaken the creativity, the senses and the skills of their children, rescuing the crafts that we often only remember on Halloween and Christmas.

In addition to manual work, parents can encourage reading in their children through storybooks. For children to play, it is not necessary to spend so much money. The important thing is to choose an activity and have fun. The quantity of toys is not what will determine the fun of a child, it will be the quality of the play time.

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