Pregnancy menu. Fourth month

Pregnancy menu. Fourth month

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One of the main concerns of pregnant women is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to avoid taking unnecessary risks during pregnancy.

To do this, the nutritionist Cristina Abascal provides all pregnant women with a series of weekly diets to take care of themselves during pregnancy. Following these recommendations to the letter, the 9 months of gestation They will be much more bearable and the health of both the baby and the mother will be in perfect condition.

During the fourth month of pregnancy, a woman may experience more energy, since nausea and fatigue from the first few months have given her a break. The belly has grown more, and therefore the need for iron increases. It is important to consume red meat (always cooked), and red or green fruits.

InGuiainfantil we provide you with the four menus corresponding to thefourth month of pregnancy. Healthy and balanced diets for the beginning of pregnancy.

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