A woman's heart is fortified by pregnancy

A woman's heart is fortified by pregnancy

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Aside from how physically different women are from men, our hearts are also different. According to a study conducted by researchers from the Gregorio Marañón Hospital and of the Mad European Universityridiculous, women's hearts are stronger than men's, for two simple reasons. One of them may be pregnancy that causes profound changes in both the anatomy and physiology of the heart.

The MAGGIC study analyzed the gender and survival of more than 40 thousand patients with heart failure and concluded that the heart of women is more protected against arrhythmias and has better healing against a heart attack, than that of women. mens.

The research concluded that men had a 31 percent increased risk of death from heart failure (CI) than women, and also that women tend to present coronary heart disease about ten years later than they.

Estrogens and pregnancy are great allies of the heart of women. Why is the heart of women stronger? Experts reveal that it can be due to two causes:

1- Biological cause: estrogens (female hormones that determine female sexual characteristics such as menstrual cycle, breast growth, etc.). It is estrogens that protect women until menopause against cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases.

2- Cause pregnancy: the woman has an extraordinary capacity to regenerate the heart muscle thanks to the fact that, during pregnancy, she experiences an increase in heart rate, blood and ventricular volumes, cardiac output and ventricular hypertrophy. His heart it is repopulated with the child's cells, which can last up to 25 years in his body.

The changes that women experience during pregnancy are similar to those experienced by athletes, which means that pregnancy could be like a kind of training for women that prepares the heart to be able to resist situations of great myocardial stress.

And I wonder, isn't that why women live longer than men?

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