A very close competition. Story about the limitations of children

A very close competition. Story about the limitations of children

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Learn to assume our limitations it is healthy so as not to suffer too many disappointments. But we must also learn to know our gifts, where we develop better, and for that we always have to try and take risks.

This story can help you teach the child that we all have some limitations, but that we also have qualities that we have not yet discovered.

Knowing ourselves better always requires courage.

Natalia was a little girl. So much so that his classmates took more than one head out of him. That made them always choose the last one to play any game. Natalia did not care, she understood that each one had to know their limitations or difficulties and wait to find out what their gift would be.

Soon the annual games of Sport activities between schools. And as always, Natalia knew that she would only have to cheer from the bench. Everyone else had worked hard and trained hard to win. However, this edition included a novelty: all the students in the class had to participate.

Some would play basketball, others soccer, two would compete in swimming, and a couple would participate in track and field events. And Natalia was left with the last test, that of long jump. The strategy of the little girl's school was to win all the previous competitions to compensate for the last place that Natalia would have. Although everyone assumed Natalia's defeat, she was worried, she did not want her team to lose because of her.

However things were not going well. Natalia's classmates weren't getting any advantage in their tests. There was only nerves and disappointment. And the scoreboard indicated that they were in second position in the absence of the final test. Everyone was already beginning to accept that this year they would not be the champions.

Natalia put her nerves aside, as she wanted to enjoy playing. It was the first time she had participated in the Annual Games and that for her was already a victory.

He took a deep breath, thought of his family and his classmates, and jumped. As she was small, she took advantage of a current of air and more than jumping, she seemed to be flying. Never, no participant had jumped so far.

All her colleagues, amid applause and congratulations, decided that it should be Natalia who raised the cup that proclaimed them champions. But the most important thing was that Natalia found his gift: skip.

Find out if your child has understood the story with these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • What problem did Natalia have?
  • Why did they leave her last to participate in the tests?
  • What sport was Natalia going to participate in?
  • Why was it so important for Natalia to get a good score?
  • What happened in the end?
  • What are you bad at and what are you good at?

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