The treasure hunt. Children's fable about the importance of reading for children

The treasure hunt. Children's fable about the importance of reading for children

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Teach your child why reading is so important with this simple "The Word Scavenger Hunt" fable.

Reading teaches us that we can not only Have a fun time and enjoyable living other worlds and imagining millions of different situations, but also we learn a new vocabulary that will help us to mature and move forward in our life.

Read this story to your child about the importance of reading in childhood.

One spring morning, teacher Lechuza announced a pleasant surprise to her students. Instead of studying language, they would do "lsearching for the treasure of words”. Everyone would go out into the forest and try to get five hidden cards using the clues that the teacher would give them.

Two teams were made: the white one led by the Cascabel squirrel and the black one led by the Bowling mouse.

In the white team was the donkey Galileo.

The clue to find the first card was: "It's in the lower part ... of the straw hut."

Bowling Mouse gathered his group together and asked:

- What is a shack?

No one knew, so they stunned out looking for a pile of straw.

Meanwhile, in the white team, Cascabel asked the same question:

- What is a shack?

Galileo replied that it was a kind of hut or hut.

-How do you know? - Asked his amazed friends.

- Ah! I read it in Forest Adventures. It is there where the protagonist takes refuge from the rain.

They all remembered the little house near the eucalyptus trees and ran towards it. Before long, they already had the card in their possession and were waiting for the next clue.

Bowling's companions had to copy the path to the other group, but they were already behind schedule.

The next paper was on a large stone at the bend of the river. Galileo said he knew the word "bend": it was the curve that the river made, it came in his book Wild Nature. Thus, they once again surpassed the black team.

Boliche and his group also couldn't find the card hidden in the "bunker"because they did not know that it was a trunk, nor the one in the hole in the"sequoia " because they didn't even know it was a tree.

To finish the game, the last clue was missing: "In the sound spring you will find the treasure." Hearing it, Cascabel was very happy.

- I know, I know! The "spring" It is the source that is born from the rock! - She exclaimed - It was in a story that my mother read to me before sleeping !.

The white team won the contest and the students learned that:

He who reads is ahead of him who is ignorant.

Find out if your child has understood the message of the fable by asking these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • What game did the children play?
  • What did it consist of?
  • Why was the white team winning?
  • Is there a word from the game that you didn't know?
  • Why did the white team know more words?

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