Poor little horse. Latin American Poetry for Children

Poor little horse. Latin American Poetry for Children

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Javier Villafañe was an Argentine poet, writer and puppeteer who also dedicated beautiful verses to children. Apart from writing children's poems, he traveled different countries with a simple cart full of puppets and some fabulous stories.

This time we offer you the poetry 'Poor horse', a poem that could also be a lullaby. This beautiful lullaby in the form of verses, leads the child to imagine a stuffed horse that tries to sleep and have sweet dreams.

Poor little horse, little white horse.

Colita rabona, belly of cloth.

Poor little horse that is fatigued

to walk all day following the steps

of this child of mine who has been awake.

Poor little horse, little white horse.

Glass eyes, wooden legs.

Look how he wants to sleep in your arms!

How the poor white horse asks you to have, my child,

Eyes closed!

Colita rabona, belly of cloth.

Sleep, that the poor white horse

He looked for your pink breast for a pillow.

Don't move, son, you're going to wake him up.

Glass eyes, wooden legs.

(Javier Villafañe)

Help your child understand this poem, full of cute metaphors. Incentive and enhances reading comprehension asking him questions at the end of the reading like these:

  1. What color is the horse in the story?
  2. What material is the horse made of?
  3. Why is the horse tired?
  4. What material are the horse's eyes made of?
  5. Did the horse get to sleep?

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