Alternatives to Medication for Hyperactive Children

Alternatives to Medication for Hyperactive Children

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Every time I know more hyperactive children or those who suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity. Today, when you mention the word, someone is quick to say that they know a child with ADHD.

However, a few years ago we did not talk about the disorder as such, we were referring to nervous, restless, distracted children or with concentration problems. At that time there was no diagnosis or treatment whatsoever for the child, apart from 'by brute force', that is, by scolding and punishment.

Nowadays there are more and more diagnosed cases, in schools there are protocols so that, if the teacher detects that a child may be hyperactive, the parents are notified and a neurologist can evaluate him and start psychological treatment if appropriate. The treatment of ADHD is not only behavioral: working with children and parents to improve their care, your concentration or impulsiveness. In some cases, medications are advised.

Medication for hyperactive children passes, according to Mª Jesús Ordóñez, Primary Care Pediatrician, and co-author of the book 'You are not alone', due to stimulant or non-stimulant drugs for children who do not tolerate medication. According to the doctor, they are drugs that do not cause addiction and that generate great improvements in children. This pediatrician advocates the use of medication given the optimal results obtained and its low risk.

However, there are many parents afraid to medicate their children and administer drugs. For them, it will be a relief to know that according to an investigation carried out by the Hospital for Sick Children of Toronto (Canada), the education exercised by parents should be the first option in the treatment of hyperactivity in preschool children, before resorting to the medication.

The work of this hospital was published in the journal Pediatrics and is committed to parents trying to train their children, actively participate in their education and help them improve their concentration rather than administering medications. According to these experts, the drugs improve the behavior of children, but are at risk of mood and growth problems.

This research does not tell us about the differences between a hyperactive child treated only with educational therapy and another treated with medication, but it has reviewed other previous studies in which an improvement in the behavior of the child formed by the parents is observed.

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