Teaching freedom to children is not 'letting go'

Teaching freedom to children is not 'letting go'

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Freedom is defined as the ability of people to act according to their own will throughout their lives. Therefore, the person will be responsible for their own actions.

Children when they are young depend on adults. The latter will be responsible for protecting, feeding and educating the little ones. However, as children grow older, this dependency on adults gradually decreases. Parents must educate their children so that they know how to solve their problems and be autonomous, that is, so that they are free. However, teaching freedom to children is not the same as letting go.

In today's society there is confusion between the concept of freedom and letting go. The true meaning of being free is confused. Today there is a widespread false belief that freedom is to do what we want and when we want because we have the right to do it. In reality, being free implies commitment and reflection.

The child will learn day by day what it really means to be free in the way that he learns to make decisions and make good or bad use of his freedom. To do this, you must reflect, use your understanding to make responsible decisions in the use of the freedoms you enjoy.

Therefore, educating children in freedom means that adults teach children to develop so that they are able to give intelligent reasons to explain why, how and where they choose what they want and assume the consequences of their decisions.

The ideal environment to educate in freedom will be the family. It is in this space where children will learn better and obtain the necessary tools to invite them to think, use their intelligence, be responsible and autonomous in order to assume their own freedom.

When it comes to explaining and educating in freedom, it is necessary that adults know how to do it depending on the evolutionary stage in which they are. A) Yes:

  • From 0 to 6 years old. Children have little use of reason, that is, they do not distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, parents must be guides. To educate in freedom at this stage, play must be used as a tool. Adults should explain what freedom is to children in a way that they can attract their attention and that is it.
  • From 6 to 12 years old. The adults are still the guides of the little ones. Now is the time to be persistent and invite children to be thoughtful. It is at this stage where parents must motivate their children to be the ones to choose and assume the consequences. Thus they will learn first-hand the use of freedom.
  • From 12 to 18 years old. At this stage it is important to explain what is fair and not to exceed your freedoms. The main elements of freedom will be intelligence, will and prudence.

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