Why should we live in the moment with our children instead of immortalizing it

Why should we live in the moment with our children instead of immortalizing it

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The things that matter and are fundamental in our life cannot be digitized.

We live in a time where we want everything to be digitized, through take photos and videos to everything and everyone, to upload everything that happens to us on social networks, trying to immortalize more or less important aspects of our life.

We spend more time immortalizing our experiences with children than enjoying them. We tell you why should we live in the moment with our children and not spend time immortalizing it.

We have integrated, as a society, do exhibitionism of our life and thus also show moments that should belong to the intimate or private sphere

They have made us believe that everything has to be digitized, that is why we have transferred our parents' albums to digital format, vhs etc ... The fact that now everything is digitized seems that we are more concerned with having things on our mobile phone than with enjoy them.

This reality does not allow us to enjoy the moments, feel the experiences, as if the fact of leaving them recorded or photographed makes us enjoy it the same when we see it in the future.

We do not realize that if we enjoy memories it is because we live them intensely, because it left an emotional mark on us. If faced with an important event, we are more concerned to record than to experience or live it, we will never connect with the excitement in the future when we remember. The value of memories is not the quality of the image or the recording, but the emotional mark it left on you.

From here I make a reflection that for me is important, and that is that true feelings and what really matters in our lives, such as feelings, cannot be digitized.

It is not possible to record what our childhood smelled like, in the same way that those moments with our parents when we were little cannot be digitized, nor the first kiss we gave our children, or our first love kiss ...

We should live more the emotional moment that touches us, more than the fact of immortalizing each of the situations. And I say this, because when you go to some act of the children, whatever it is, the parents are more aware of record and take photosThey even argue with other parents for the best places, than enjoying it and savoring it.

My recomendation:

Immortalize emotional moments, when there is a fundamental moment in your life do not seek to immortalize it, if you do not look for what it smells like, what you feel and teach your children to do the same. Look for the emotional mark to accompany you….

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