Children's school uniform: advantages and disadvantages

Children's school uniform: advantages and disadvantages

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When my daughter changed schools and went to study in one that required uniform from its students, I felt as if I had won the lottery. Do you know what it means to save time and discussions in the morning to choose children's clothes? In my opinion, the uniform not only helps us save time but also represents an economic saving.

I am a one hundred percent supporter of the uniform and I am from my own experience and with my daughter. Before, when she got up to go to school, we almost always repeated the same questions. If putting on pants or a skirt, a striped T-shirt or a polka dot blouse, if shoes or sports shoes, what socks combined the most and an endless number of etc. In this regard, the uniform has many advantages. Since my daughter wears a uniform, she changes herself, has a quiet breakfast, and we are rarely late for school.

Apart from the advantages that I have mentioned, I believe that the uniform is an important way to avoid differences at school. I understand that children go to school to study, not to show off the way they dress, whether they wear designer clothes or fashion.

The uniform makes them more equal, prevents some from feeling inferior or less valued than others and even reduces ridicule and conflicts between students. The uniform not only unifies but also gives a certain identity to the children. It makes them feel more grouped and easier to identify by teachers when they go on an outing (excursions, going to the theater ...) from school.

I understand parents who don't wear the uniform. They say that they are very expensive and that their children, especially the most neglected, need many clothes in case they get dirty. I already think that the use of the uniform is cheaper because they are made of materials that last longer because they are prepared to be washed repeatedly.

Also, it can be inherited between siblings. The uniform also forces children to be more careful with their clothing. And not only that. As some days they will have to wear pants or skirts and on others the tracksuit, that also forces them to use different shoes, which greatly favors their feet and posture.

Some teachers say that children who wear the uniform take school more seriously, help them maintain discipline and respect school rules, although there are parents who say that uniforms suppress the individuality of children, that they hinder their creativity and freedom .

On the other hand, there are parents who argue that an academic program that encourages students to follow individual thinking is more important than the clothes they are wearing. Well, the debate is served. What do you think?

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