Advantages of reading aloud to the child

Advantages of reading aloud to the child

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All the experts talk about the advantages of reading in childhood, both during the reading learning stage and when the child is already autonomous and can read alone. Reading is an extraordinary activity that contributes to promote the child's learning ability.

The reading habit it must be generated from the earliest stages. In early childhood we can and should bring books to children. Many experts even talk about the importance of reading books and stories to babies.

We tell you what are the advantages of reading aloud to the child.Read out loud contributes to the emotional development of the child and lays the foundation for their ability to communicate. Meet the 7 benefits than reading and reading aloud provide children with:

1 - Children educated in the habit of reading become in adulthood good readers.

2 - Psychologists have proven that reading stories or books helps children develop and understand their emotions.

3 - More than 50% of intellectual development occurs between birth and four years of age, it is therefore an ideal age to lay the foundations of the habit of reading. An EU survey revealed that 80% of adults who went to public libraries already went to them as children.

4 - Studies confirm that children educated in the taste for reading in homes where it is customary to read aloud to the little ones, are more prepared to develop their learning abilities.

5 - Reading, unlike television, computers and other media, stimulates the child to fill the mind. Thus the ability to Imagination and creativity of the child who has to create in his head the images of what he reads or is being read.

6 - Reading aloud to the child, enhances their concentration and attention, since they have to focus on understanding what they are hearing.

7 - The development of the child's linguistic abilities is also one of the main advantages of reading aloud to the child.

The Pinch Hedgehog. Story about tantrums. Share with your children this short story about children's tantrums. The protagonist of this children's story is the Pinchon hedgehog who one day feels frustration, anger and rage. We propose reading comprehension questions and questions to reflect on childhood tantrums

The lazy bird. Story about laziness. The lazy bird is a story with values ​​for children. In this case it is a story about laziness. Use children's stories to teach values ​​to children. Tell this story to your children so that they understand what can happen when we are lazy.

Pedro and the fear of flying. Story about fears. With this short story, children will understand that they can overcome their fears with a little help. Do not miss this children's story entitled Pedro and his fear of flying and share with your children the educational activities that we propose from this story.

The reconciliation. Story about anger. If your daughter gets angry easily and finds it difficult to make peace with her friends, check out this short story: 'Reconciliation', a short story for children who are always angry with a clear message about friendship. In addition, you can find reading comprehension activities.

The pompous bear. Story about self-love. Read with your children this short story, very useful to teach children to be themselves; that they do not have to change to be liked more by others. We have accompanied this story with some reading comprehension activities and other stories to work on children's self-esteem.

The dictatorship of the lion. Story about injustices. This short story helps to talk with children about injustices. It is a story entitled 'The dictatorship of the lion' that proposes a situation that is not fair to animals. After this children's story you will find some reading comprehension questions and others to reflect on.

The star and his new friends. Story about friendship. Through this children's story, 'The star and her new friends', children can learn principles about friendship, solidarity and the importance of cooperation and teamwork. And it is that stories are an excellent tool to talk about values ​​to children.

In Nerea's garden. Story about goodness. Educating children in values ​​is easier with a short story like this one. He speaks of kindness and generosity through the story 'In Nerea's garden'. This girl decides to give the little birds water when they are very thirsty and they help her when she gets sick.

Baron and the boy who was sad. Stories about emotions. This short story about emotions is called Baron and the boy who was sad. Talk about the joy and sadness of a child and their dog, as well as their relationship. In addition, we give you some games and activities to continue working on the emotional intelligence of the little ones.

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