I'm older. Story for children about the first day of school

I'm older. Story for children about the first day of school

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When children begin to grow, they feel proud of their progress, they feel important and begin to be aware of their own personality, however, this also implies that they gradually acquire new skills and responsibilities and sometimes that can cause fear and confusion.

This is the story of a girl who was growing up and, although she liked everything new that she learned, the first day of school it scared her.

If you want to know how the story ends, do not stop reading this story for children about the first day of school.

Samara was three years old and already felt older. Now he really liked that everyone asked him his name and how old he was. He answered quickly and always added the phrase "I'm older", while raising his three fingers in his hand to indicate his three years. The little felt important and began to understand the world around him. And, most importantly, she felt like she belonged to him.

Samara liked to wear panties and pee on the potty. And he always said to his mother:

- "When I was baby wearing diaper and I didn't know how to pee on the potty, and now as I'm older I can use it ”.

Samara was already eating on her own and she loved taking her spoonful of soup without dropping a drop. While this was happening, the girl said:

- "When I was a baby I couldn't eat soup alone and Mom had to give me the puree, but now, since I'm old, I can ”.

Samara really liked playing in the park. Climbing and climbing on the swings was what he enjoyed the most. And to the one who returned home he reminded her of her mother

- "When I was a baby I didn't know how to swing and I would fall if you didn't hold me, but now as I'm older I can play by myself with my friends."

Samara had just learned to ride a scooter and in the afternoons he ran races with his friends. As she was very fast, she liked to explain to her mother:

- "When I was a baby I did not know how to walk and now that I am older I run very fast."

However, although she liked to brag about how old she was, Samara was a little worried because soon she would be going to the grown-ups' school and her mother had told her that her former teacher, Rocío, would stay at the children's school taking care of the new babies. He did not like that.

It was then that Samara's mother took the little girl by the hand of her new school to meet his new teacher and new friends. At first he cried a little, but as he was older he immediately understood that there he could also play every day with paints, clay, letters and numbers; and that he would also receive many kisses and hugs. His mother explained that now a new adventure was beginning where he would grow older every day. And Samara liked that very much.

If you want to know if your child has understood the text of the story I am now older, do these simple reading comprehension tasks.

- How old was Samara?

- Why was she so proud?

- What things had he learned lately?

- What were you afraid of?

- What scared you when you were little?

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