Foods that children easily choke on

Foods that children easily choke on

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Starting at 5 or 6 months, the child has developed both the motor capacity to eat new foods of different consistencies as well as food self-control.

There are periods in the life of the baby and the child in which the acquisition of new motor functions are carried out more easily, so it is important to stimulate them to be able to expand the child's feeding to different textures, this is happening according to the evolutionary psychomotor development of the child. little boy.

We have to bear in mind that the abilities to incorporate new foods involve oral skills, fine motor skills with the hand and postural skills.

From 5 to 7 months: learns to take semi-solid food with a spoon, they can chew and move the food in their mouth.

At 8 months: they can remove the food from the spoon, bringing their head closer. They can sit without support.

At 9 months: they manage to grab the spoon.

At 10 months: They acquire a more precise gripper mechanism, which allows them to pick up food with a chunky consistency.

- Nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts)

- Dried fruits (raisins)

- Small fruits (grapes, cherries).

- Legumes (peas, maybe some more examples).

- Olives.

- Sausages cut in circles.

- Sticky textures (nutella, dulce de leche).

- Candy (gum, hard or sticky candies).

- When a stone fruit such as plum or peach is given, remove the stone previously before giving the child food.

- Be careful with citrus fruits such as mandarin and orange, it can sometimes happen that if the skin is very hard, the child can choke.

- It is very important to rmirror the child's food motor developmentThat is why you should start with consistencies such as porridge, then leaving very small pieces and gradually increasing according to tolerance.

- It is recommended as the child grows not to give only baby food for fear of choking, since it will be much more difficult for the child to incorporate foods with other consistencies (in pieces).

- Avoid making your child laugh or talk when eating.

- Accompany meals with liquids to make swallowing easier.

- Take care specifically of the food that we will give the child until the age of three or four, since that is when there is a greater risk of choking.

- Prevent the child from consuming foods that are very hard, sticky, and of a small and round size (size example: plum pit).

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