How to mark children's school clothes

How to mark children's school clothes

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Back to school has arrived and with it the preparations so that our children have everything ready before join the new course school. One of the questions that parents should consider is how they can identify the clothes that their children wear to school or college.

It is essential that children's garments are marked with the child's name to avoid confusion or loss, especially gowns and uniforms. There are many techniques that allow clothing to be tagged easily.

The school gowns They are garments that require clear identification so that teachers and children, mainly of kindergarten or kindergarten age, can identify theirs without problems.

1. One of the more traditional options is the name embroidery, highly recommended for its long duration, although it is also more elaborate. If parents do not know how to sew the letters, they can order it from sewing professionals. An easier embroidery is the cross-stitch.

2. There is also the option of sew labels Specific for this purpose that have the child's name pre-engraved or on which you can write with indelible markers. In addition, they can be used to hang clothes on a coat rack.

This method is recommended for wool garments or point like the jackets or the jerseys of the uniform, where the ironing is not usually very permanent. In addition, the stitched marks resist the effects of the washing machine much better.

3. One of the preferred options for its ease and price is to use thermo-adhesive stickers that are they stick to clothes with the iron. Many companies offer the possibility of engraving these labels and sticking them on clothes, although they can also be purchased blank and write the child's name.

To identify the gowns of the little ones you can carry out a more creative technique. There are larger heat-adhesive stickers, such as knee or elbow pads, on which the letters of the name can be cut out and ironed separately.

The disadvantage Of this method compared to embroidery or sewing is that the labels can come off after many washes and must be replaced, in this case, by new ones.

4. One of the novelties to identify the garments are the stamps with special ink for clothes, which can also be used for books and backpack.

It is a stamp similar to the one used in offices that contains indelible ink. You can put the text with the child's name yourself and change it later for other uses. For dark garments, a thermo-adhesive sticker on which the stamp is put and then ironed.

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