The use of the uniform in schools: do you agree?

The use of the uniform in schools: do you agree?

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More and more schools establish the use of school uniforms as the norm. To me, in particular, when my daughter switched to a school in favor of the uniform, I did not see it as a sacrifice or an attack on her freedom. On the contrary, we have been so relieved!

Controversies ended in the morning over the 'what clothes should I wear?' or 'where are those pants that I like so much?', etc., etc.

It was great for my daughter to be in school with a uniform. The little friends she started to make at school didn't come to her because she wore fashionable, branded or "cool" and "cool" clothes. In her previous school, she told me that there were girls who were always making comparisons of their clothes with those of others and that seemed fatal to her.

When I remember that, I understand now that debates are always opened and created about the use of the uniform in schools. It seems that in some schools there is an obsession with idioms and comparisons based on the clothes children wear.

The uniform, without a doubt, is a very practical and much more equal way of dressing children. It is also cheaper, and a very comfortable way to avoid discrimination and ridicule within the school by who is better or worse dressed. The child who is unable to wear higher quality clothing or will not feel different or inferior to others.

The uniform, as the name itself suggests, unifies models and styles, and can even boost self-esteem and help everyone feel the same. Each child is valued for his commitment, for his contribution as a person, and not for what he wears on his body. Outside of school, the child will already have his predilections in terms of what he wears.

I have always used a uniform as a child and I have never had trauma or problems with autonomy, and at no time did I feel that the uniform was a punishment that the school imposed on me together with my parents. Of course, many children will reject having to wear the uniform, but that is a very common attitude in schoolchildren.

At some point they will complain not only about the uniform, but also that there are many duties, that the food in the dining room is bad or that their school does not allow them to bring toys, etc. The truth is that what was exclusive only in private centers, every day arouses more interest from schools and parents of students. For something it will be, right?

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