10 guidelines for resuming healthy habits when children go back to school

10 guidelines for resuming healthy habits when children go back to school

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The holiday period ends and it is time to start the school year. Again it's time to get up early, do homework, study and start the routines that we had left aside during the summer months.

The beginning of the school year is a good time to regain awareness of the importance of proper lifestyles. Not surprisingly, leading a healthy lifestyle is the main determinant of the health of the little ones in the house. Take note of this decalogue to resume healthy habits when children go back to school.

I remind you of a decalogue of tips for your children to carry their backpack loaded, not only with books and notebooks, but also with health:

1- Our diet must be mainly vegetable. Five servings of fruit / vegetables should be consumed daily. Does this fact seem impossible to you? It is not. In this sense, we advise you to take into account your child's taste preferences and not to make the main mistake when cooking vegetables: avoid overcooking!

2- Long live the legumes. Regular consumption of legumes (a minimum of twice a week) has been shown to improve cardiovascular health. They are inexpensive, and allow a very versatile cooking, ranging from stew to salad preparation, or sautéed.

3- Fish. We advise that you give your child fish a minimum of three times a week, preferably white fish. Once a week you can replace it with blue fish. Be careful with some fish, such as bluefin tuna, grouper or swordfish, whose consumption cannot be too frequent, due to their high content of heavy metals.

4- Meat. The most advisable meat is poultry (chicken, turkey), given its low content of saturated fat. Similarly, rabbit meat has a very advantageous lipid profile. Remember that the meat that contains the most iron is beef, but you cannot abuse it because of its high content of saturated fat.

5- Good fat. There are very healthy fat sources, such as those present in olive oil, nuts, fish, avocados or Iberian ham. This fat must be the predominant one in the diet of your children, so that their cardiovascular health is the best possible.

6- Free sugars. Remember that free sugars (present in sweets, industrial bakery, packaged and natural juices) do not contribute anything positive to the body, and they must be present as little as possible in a child's diet. They favor the development of cavities, obesity, etc.

7- Sport. It should be practiced regularly, if possible outdoors and in a team. Not only does it improve our cardiovascular health, it socializes and prevents the development of obesity and overweight. Ah! And for thirst, the best drink without a doubt is water.

8- Sleep enough hours. Having good sleep hygiene promotes good academic performance the day after, by allowing the child to focus better. To do this: put them to bed early, avoid screens in the room, promote a culture of silence / low noise, etc.

9- Dental hygiene. Children should brush their teeth a minimum of twice a day (ideally after meals), from the age of two years. We should avoid trinkets as much as possible (please, in the celebration of birthdays you can give gifts other than candy bags!). There are toothpastes adapted to the age of the little ones.

10- Let us educate our children in tolerance and respect facing diversity and the environment. In your hands is nothing more and nothing less than the future of our planet.

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