What to do to get pregnant with a boy or a girl

What to do to get pregnant with a boy or a girl

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Many couples would like to be able to choose the gender of their baby. Generally, when it is the first child, we do not care, but when we already have a boy, we want a girl, or vice versa. Currently, with in vitro fertilization it is possible to discriminate the sex of the baby, but this practice is not allowed in most countries.

Only when the couple carries the gene for a hereditary disease, which is transmitted by sex, is it possible to implant an embryo of the sex that is free of the disease. It is chance that plays with our wishes when choosing the sex of our baby and in the roulette many factors intervene, which in most cases, go unnoticed when we are going to order the baby.

And it is that to have a boy or a girl it is important to calculate the days in which we are going to have sex, since we must count them based on the survival capacity of the sperm in the female reproductive system. Thus, according to Shettles methodAlthough it is not an exact science, it guarantees favorable results of 75 percent in the choice of sex, to have a male baby it is advisable to have sexual intercourse on the same day as ovulation or 24 hours before.

The reason is that the Y sperm, which give the new being male, are faster in their journey to the ovum, but less resistant and, therefore, die before the X sperm, which imprint the female sex on the new cell.

If you want to have a girl, the Shettles method advises having sexual intercourse about three days before ovulation to ensure that the X sperm, female, that have survived the Y, male, can complete their journey to the ovum and fertilize it.

However, when choosing the sex of the baby, other factors such as the temperature of the testicles also influence. Yes, it seems that Y sperm are more sensitive to heat than X sperm, it affects them more and may not survive high temperatures. For this reason, if you want to have a girl, your partner could take a hot bath before intercourse.

If you want to have a child, your partner should not wear tight clothing, or spend too many hours sitting to avoid overheating of the scrotum.

Another factor that influences the choice of the sex of the baby is the pH of the woman's vaginal discharge. And is that the vaginal discharge serves as a vehicle for the sperm to travel through the vagina in search of the egg to fertilize it. If the pH is right, the sperm will have a satisfactory journey in their race to the finish line, but if the pH of the vaginal discharge is more acidic than normal, the X sperm will have a better chance of surviving because they are larger, more resistant and They live longer than Y's, which are smaller, weaker, and more delicate, though much faster than X's.

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