A rich and nutritious snack for the children's school

A rich and nutritious snack for the children's school

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One of the great doubts parents have when their children start a new school year is what they can do so that their children have a rich and nutritious snack for school recess.

We all know that the easiest thing is not always the most advisable for the children's snack or snack, so the ideal thing is that parents prepare and plan a menu with their children, to know what they can take for a snack to school .

When selecting and choosing the snack for each children's day, it is necessary to plan in advance. The school recess snack is not a breakfast or lunch, but should be seen as an additional source of energy for children. Follow some tips:

- Offer a light, comfortable and easy to digest snack.

- Avoid food that can spoil.

- Avoid exaggerations. The amount depends on the age and needs of each child.

- Food such as bread, biscuits, sausages such as York ham, turkey, cheeses, nuts, cereals, juices or fruit juices in tetrabrik containers, yogurts, fruits of the season ... should not be missing.

- Sandwiches of patés, jams, nutella or nutella, or sausages are also highly requested by children.

As I said before, the easiest thing is not always the most recommended, so when preparing snacks for children to take to school, avoid:

- Soft drinks

- Artificial drinks such as juices with colorings and sugars.

- Sweet cookies with cream fillings

- Salty biscuits filled with artificial cream cheese, bacon, etc.

- Candy, sweets, candies, lollipops ...

- Chocolate bars in excess

- French fries and all salty snacks

- Pastries such as bowls, cakes and biscuits that are not made at home.

- Sandwiches or sandwiches with a lot of butter or spicy patés.

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