Children's activities for the holidays

Children's activities for the holidays

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Taking advantage of vacations to do children's activities with children is very beneficial for them. Children spend more time at home and that can be a bit of concern for parents who will be in charge of the distractionof their children. They will arrive full of energy, and with different personalities and interests, and therefore it is best to prepare.

Children's activities for the holidays increase fun, strengthen progress and develop new skills. We have prepared some suggestions so that you all have a great time on vacation, but above all, it is necessary that you do not forget three basic rules.

1. Playful development. Suggest activities that are always a game.

2. Eagerness to excel. Rejoice with your child's achievements, progress and improvements.

3. Goals. Encourage him to complete goals and, when you do, reward him with a special activity (movies, walks, excursions, etc.)

- Swimming: encourage your child to swim. She is a very complete deporta, both physically and psychologically.

- Games that stimulate motor skills (bicycle, balls, rope and rope)

- Draw (animals, stories, family moments and landscapes).

- Color with different types of paint (colored pencil, wax, tempera).

- Cut out and punch (magazines, photos, tissue paper, cardboard, rolls of toilet paper).

- Model play dough, bread dough and clay.

- Riding a bicycle without the training wheels.

- Learn to walk on skates.

- Walk, run and jump, on the beach and, field

- Play "Potato Run".

- Walk in contact with nature.

- Talk a lot with parents, friends, family, neighbors, emphasizing: listening; wait your turn to intervene; ask please, say hello; pronounce the words correctly; form well-structured sentences; relate facts and events.

- Listen to stories or stories.

- Listen to music.

- Read pictures (to increase your vocabulary).

- Read simple stories.

- Invent, draw and write (poetry, stories, letters to friends).

- Decorate folios using various materials.

- Play the 'chain' of words. Example: to a group of three or more children, one says a word, the next says the word of the previous one and adds another, etc. The child who is unable to add new words leaves the game.

- Play hangman.

- Play "I see-I see".

- Make up phrases of 3, 4, 5, or more words.

- Play to match cards or tiles.

- Play with the numbers.

- Play ludo, goose, tic-tac-toe, dominoes, and other board games.

- Assemble a giant puzzle with everyone in the family.

- Sleep a lot.

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