When a woman hates being pregnant

When a woman hates being pregnant

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The most common is that pregnancy is happiness, but there are situations in which the experience of these nine months is not as idyllic as we would like.

Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster, it is true that we can have moments in which we shine with excitement and joy and others in which we need a handkerchief to dry our tears.

Some women go further, and feel rejection of this new situation, they hate being pregnant; It is something irrational and that we cannot deny or control; And it is just that negativity that makes these women also feel guilty for feeling what they feel.

Let's see what could be the reasons why an expectant mother hates being pregnant:

- Rejection of the new body
Nowadays, a lot of importance is given to the care of the body and in pregnancy there is no other than it changes to be able to house the baby. During pregnancy, not only does the gut grow, the hips widen, the breasts that prepare for lactation grow, we retain fluids and there are women who do not do well at all to look in the mirror and not recognize themselves.

In addition, although we recommend staying active during pregnancy, it is true that we must avoid impact sports, or those that require high efforts; and many especially active women take it really badly.

- Nausea and vomiting
Due to the influence of hormones, pregnant women tend to suffer nausea and vomiting during the first months, although some remain with them until the baby is born. This unpleasant feeling that is suffered day after day evidently clouds the happiness that the woman could present.

- Fear of childbirth
We often feel some nervousness when we think about childbirth, but some women feel genuine dread of childbirth for many reasons - tears, well-being of the baby, we will push well, etc. And they live the nine months with a high state of anxiety thinking about the big day; with what fear prevents them from enjoying the months of pregnancy.

- I reject the future baby
There are times when the baby arrives without looking for it, at the worst moment. Or the mother may blame him for certain situations 'because of the baby I cannot continue working, exercising,…'; or that you feel that the baby is going to take away your freedom (and that is bad for you).

- depression
Also being pregnant we can be depressed, and this will make us have a lack of enthusiasm and energy to face the new baby.

My recommendation as a midwife is that you go to a psychologist if you see yourself in any of the situations or others that make you wish you were not pregnant, or you feel rejection towards the baby; since many times this feeling cannot be shared even with your partner; socially it is almost 'unacceptable' for a pregnant woman to have negative feelings towards her baby or her state of 'good hope'; That is why a professional can redirect the feeling of anguish that everything can generate.

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