Typical phrases you will hear from your pre-adolescent children

Typical phrases you will hear from your pre-adolescent children

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The relationship between parents and tweens is like the eternal return theory. The same events occur in the same order and in the same way. Otherwise, why a few years ago did you tell your mother things like 'what will you know' or 'you have no idea' and now it is your son who tells you? And, if you haven't already, you will.

Today a child between the ages of 8 and 11 is considered to have left childhood behind and entered the fascinating world of preadolescence. A world full of physical and emotional changes where hormones run freely and rebellion is part of his character. They are not children, but neither are they pubescent and they demand space, freedom and autonomy. This cocktail can be explosive, but surely you already know it because we all live or survive that time.

Tweens, ultimately children, complain about the same things, try to skip their homework in the same way, and try to trick their parents using the same tricks generation after generation. Here are examples of this in the form of typical preadolescent phrases:

1. You don't know anything about my life.

2. I'm older, let me privacy.

3. I want to die, why does everything happen to me?

4. Now vooooy, I'm on Facebook (also valid for Tuenti, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network)

5. You don't understand me.

6. Yes mom, everyone failed, it was a super difficult exam.

7. I help you if you buy me something.

8. I can't go to school, I'm very sick.

9. I don't want to wear my coat, it's very hot.

10. That I don't get under my skirt dad, It's the fashion!

11. And why do I have to go buy bread? It's always my turn!

12. I'm coming, just five more minutes in bed.

13. Why?

14. Can you give me money? Just this once, I swear.

It is possible that many of these phrases your child has already told you, but you, what did you answer? Again we return to the theory of eternal return, so it is possible that as your mother did before, you bring up some typical mother phrase. And, in the top number 1 the super phrase: because I said so, period.

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