The 15 favorite tongue twisters of children in the 15 years of

The 15 favorite tongue twisters of children in the 15 years of

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Kids love tongue twisters ... and we love it even more! Tongue twisters, as they are also known, are a very fun game that tests your child's skills (and your own). On the other hand, they help to exercise and develop the way of speaking of the little ones. In addition, the funny and crazy situations that they propose serve to stimulate their creativity.

To celebrate the 15 years of our site we have brought back some of the funniest. We have grouped them by categories to discover which are the 15 types of children's favorite tongue twisters. Do you dare with them?

1. The Tongue Twisters of Ragged Bear
You probably already know Ragged Bear. It is the adorable mascot of our site! He is always next to your children, proposing very entertaining games and fun activities. This is why the Tongue Bear's tongue twisters are children's favorites. Learn them by heart and share them with your children. You will have a fun afternoon trying to repeat them correctly over and over again. This is one of the favorites for the little ones.

Tajo brought me

three suits,

three suits

Tajo brought me.

2. The shortest and funniest tongue twisters
Tongue twisters that are too long are very difficult to say and learn. Children can become frustrated at being unable to reproduce them and will lose the desire to try. Therefore, it is better that you start with shorter and easier tongue twisters. Little by little, as you practice, you can increase the difficulty and length of the tongue twister.

Every time I take a bath it hurts me

that's why I bathe once a year.

3. Christmas-inspired tongue twisters
Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, which is why the tongue twisters inspired by this date are the favorites of children. Your child will be very proud when he can pronounce this sweet tongue twister correctly. And at the same time, you will be testing your ability to pronounce the letter R correctly.

Nougat I ate

Nougat for dinner

and from eating so much nougat,

I will turn purple.

4. To get started, easy tongue twisters
Learning tongue twisters is a good way to practice memory. For starters, you can try some as simple as this one. Your child will have such a good time trying to say it over and over again that it will soon become a game. While having fun, you will be practicing your diction and fluency in speaking. In this case, this tongue twister is based on repeating the same words over and over again.

A lemon and a half lemon,

two lemons and half a lemon,

three lemons and half a lemon,

four lemons and half a lemon,

five lemons and half a lemon ...

5. Longer tongue twisters for children
As he practices, challenge him more difficult with these longer tongue twisters. You will see how much fun he has trying to say them! Every time your tongue gets stuck, you will start laughing. Take advantage of these tongue depressors to have a good time with your family. Who will they be better at? Parents or children?

They told me that you said

A saying that I have said.

Whoever said it lied.

And, in case he had said

that saying that you have said

what did I say,

said and re-said was left.

And it would be very well said,

as long as I had said

that saying that you have said

what I said.

6. Unlocking tongue more difficult for your children
For children more experienced in the art of tongue twisters, the most difficult tongue twisters arrive! They are more complicated because their syllables are repeated, the most difficult letters to pronounce are mixed together, and they are longer than normal. These games will get each member of the family to tie a knot in the tongue. Best of luck with them!

The King of Constantinople is constantinopolized.

It is clear that Constanza was unable to deconstruct him,

the deconstantinopolizer who deconstructs it,

good deconstantinopolizer will be.

7. Cute tongue twisters on animals
If your child is very fond of animals, saying these tongue twisters out loud will become his new favorite game. These popular sayings will help your child to improve his pronunciation, but also to learn new things about animals. Try to find one that talks about their favorite animal and you will get their attention.

How much wood would a rodent gnaw on

if rodents gnaw on wood.

8. Tongue twister poems for kids
Did you know that tongue twisters can also rhyme? In this way, these word games become beautiful poems, which will be easier for you to remember. In the case of the poem "Ola, ole", the phoneme 'l' is used.

Wave wave,


Ole Ole,




Ole, hello

Wave, ole

9. The funniest tongue twisters
The best learning is the one that takes place between laughs. With these funny tongue twisters your child will not even be aware that he is improving his memory and developing his way of speaking. You will all have a great time together when you try to pronounce this word game out loud. Let's see who gets more tongue-tied!

The cat scratches the spider and

the spider scratches the cat

poor cat scratches the spider

poor spider the cat scratches him.

10. Word games with the S
Practice diction with your child with these fun tongue twisters with the letter S. Start slowly and little by little you will be able to say them faster and faster. Challenge him to say it as quickly as you can. Will he be able to win you?

If Samson doesn't season his sauce with salt, it turns out bland;

Samson's sauce comes out bland, if he season it without salt

11. Cute tongue twisters with the letter R
There are children who have special difficulty pronouncing certain letters, especially when they say them very quickly and very often. In these cases, tongue twisters can be a fun way to improve your diction. We propose you a tongue twister with the letter R. Quite a challenge not suitable for all languages!

The dog in the mud, raging rages:

his tail gets muddy

when the mud sweeps away,

and the mud at arrobas snatches his tail.

12. G and J make nice tongue twisters
Many children have trouble telling the difference between G and J. These word games can be a good excuse to practice using these letters. Suggest that they learn them by heart, say them as quickly as they can (even if their language gets a little stuck) and then write them down. In this way they will be able to internalize how each letter sounds in different cases.

I ate parsley, I ate parsley,

and now that I got stiff

How will I perform?

13. The letter T and its tongue depressors
It may seem that tongue twisters with the T are not as difficult as those with other letters, right? Well, when you try to pronounce them, you may get the odd surprise. Although it may not seem like it ... they are quite a challenge! They will seem easy to say slowly, but when you recite them a little faster, your tongue will get tangled up. Try with this!

A catatrep with three catatrepts,

when the waterfall climbs,

the three catatrepts climb.

14. Tongue twisters with B and V
Differentiating when the B goes and when the V goes can be very difficult for some children. However, word games can be very helpful in practicing their use. Although tongue twisters are most often recited aloud, they can also be written as an exercise or dictation. What do you think of this?

Nobody whistles like Silvia,

because if someone whistles like Silvia,

it's because Silvia taught him to whistle.

15. The D is the protagonist of these tongue twisters
Your children will have a great time with these tongue twisters. When they realize how much fun they can be, they won't stop asking you to teach them more and more word games. Have you tried to say this already? The letter D is the main character in this tongue twister.

Side, ledo, lido, mud, ludo,

say it backwards I doubt it,

Ludo, mud, lido, ledo, side,

What work it has cost me!

Why don't you try creating your own tongue twisters? Leave it in the comments.

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