8 benefits of sleeping on the left side for kids

8 benefits of sleeping on the left side for kids

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Have you ever noticed the position in which your children sleep? If you haven't, we suggest you watch them tonight when you go to their bed to kiss them good night. Why is this important? Because the position they adopt can have a direct impact on your rest. And according to studies, sleeping on the left side is much better for your health.

We list all the benefits of sleeping on the left side for your child.Discover all the benefits of sleeping on the left side, for your child and for you:

1. Improve your digestion.
Since the stomach and pancreas fall to the left side, it is a good idea for your children to rest on that side to avoid possible problems with reflux and heartburn. In addition, in the left lateral position they will channel the gastric juices better and will do so in a slower and more adequate way.

2. It is good for intestinal transit.
Thanks to gravity, the waste from the digestive system moves more easily from the large intestine to the colon on the left side.

3. It's good for your brain.
By resting on their left side your children will also be better draining their brain.

4. Improve your circulation.
If your children sleep like this, they will not be pressing on the vena cava, one of the two most important veins in the human body. In this way, they will be facilitating blood circulation. In this position, they will not be pressing on your heart, allowing it to pump better, since the aorta leans to this side.

5. Improves lymphatic drainage.
Lymphatic drainage is used to eliminate waste substances from the body. If you sleep on the left side, this task is facilitated, since the lymphatic system performs its functions mainly on the left side of our body, in fact, the spleen is on the left. So from the left lateral ulna the body will better expel toxins.

6. They snore less.
This happens because on the side the base of the tongue does not go down to the back of the throat, and in this way there are no impediments to breathing.

7. Protect your back.
By standing on the left side you will be relieving the spine of the weight of the body and also the back will be aligned.

8. They rest better.
In general, this position will facilitate sleep, since everything is allowed to flow through the body without pressure of any kind. Its functions are not forced or limited, thus facilitating rest and well-being.

Keep in mind that when our children are still babies, according to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEPED), it is best if they sleep on their backs, to avoid sudden death of the infant.

Nevertheless, when they are older it is recommended that they rest on their left side. Tell him, so that at least they start the night that way. Then with deep sleep it is normal for them to change their position, but if they get used to lying on that side they will benefit from all these advantages. And this is extendable for adults too!

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