Homemade nativity scene with ice cream sticks. Christmas Crafts

Homemade nativity scene with ice cream sticks. Christmas Crafts

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Learn to create an original and very simple Nativity scene using ice cream sticks. In We show you step by step how to create this fun recycling Christmas Nativity scene for your children to decorate the house with their own Nativity. The Nativity Scene, along with the Christmas tree, have become two basic decoration elements in homes that enjoy the Christmas spirit.

It is a very easy craft to make, ideal to create both at school and at home, do you dare to make this Nativity scene with ice cream sticks?

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Felt pens
  • Brown paint
  • Brush
  • Glue
  • Ring from a can

1. Paint 11 popsicle sticks brown.

2. Now, take another two sticks and paint them halfway, one red and one brown. At the top, draw the face and hair of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph.

3. Break another stick in half, in one of them draw the baby Jesus and in the other an angel.

4. Glue one stick to another to form the Portal de Belén

5. Finally, glue all the figures inside and remember to glue the ring of the soda can on the angel as a crown. In addition, it can be used to hang the Nativity scene and thus decorate the house during the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas!

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