Baby Shark is the new viral parenting horror that kids love

Baby Shark is the new viral parenting horror that kids love

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"Baby Shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo." If when reading these words you have not been able to avoid humming them in your head, we dedicate the following lines to you. Don't worry, you are not alone. You are not the only father or mother in the world who hates the new children's song that has become fashionable among the little ones.

Indeed, we mean 'Baby shark', which has become the new viral horror of parents that, despite everything, children adore. But why? What is behind this popular nursery rhyme that has made it so addictive for children and so disowned by parents?

"Baby Shark" talk about a family of sharks (with grandparents included) who goes hunting. Its simple chorus and repetitive melody make children want to listen to this song in the car and at home, they sing it when they walk down the street, they dance it in the park ... And it couldn't be more tiresome.

Although we are experiencing its boom right now, it is not a new song; You may know her from camps or nursery schools. Even the YouTube video that has become famous is not new. However, it is very difficult to establish what has been the wick that has lit so strong that it becomes so viral. There have even been dozens of versions of the song in different styles and languages. The original video has about 2 billion views ... and counting!

At this point we ask ourselves again and again: how is it possible that a song about sharks has managed to go around the world so quickly? There are several elements that have made this video a success.

First of all, it's impossible not to get hooked on the melody when listening to it for the first time. It is simple, repetitive and even parents with less musical gifts can sing it to their children. But part of the triumph is also due to the choreography, very simple (suitable for very young children and very clumsy parents) and descriptive with what the song talks about.

The fact that there is karaoke so that we can understand it, the funny and expressive faces of the children in the video, the bright colors of the shark family, the funny voices that sing the chorus ... All this makes our children want to hear one and again this song and that we end up unhinged with so much "doo, doo, doo ...".

Even though we are a little tired of the Baby Shark, we put up with hearing it over and over again because we are aware that it makes our children happy. And, in addition, it is well known that music has many benefits for children.

1. Music is happiness
That music affects our emotional state is nothing new. Many times, we just need to listen to a happy song to feel happier. In the same way, children's songs encourage our children and allow parents to spend very fun moments with them.

But, in addition, music raises children's self-esteem, makes them more sensitive and, on many occasions, relaxes them.

2. Improves fluency when speaking
Singing can help children improve their speaking fluency. By having to adapt to the faster and slower rhythm of the song, children have to strain to say the lyrics (even if it's just a 'doo, doo, doo').

3. Allow them to practice languages
Songs in other languages ​​are the perfect excuse for children to practice languages. Although 'Baby Shark' is terrifying to us, we must admit that it is teaching our children vocabulary related to the family (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather ...)

4. They help to remember certain knowledge
Beyond languages, children's songs are very useful for children to fix other types of knowledge in memory. This is the case, for example, of the multiplication table, numbers, colors, days of the week ... Using a simple melody to help our children memorize these concepts can be very useful.

5. Help you control your body
Younger children are still developing their ability to control their body and its movements. Songs that incorporate simple dance steps or gestures are good tools for children to improve their coordination.

6. They develop the musical ear
When children repeat the same melody over and over again, they are practicing their musical ear, intonation, and rhythm.

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