Risks for diabetic babies and children

Risks for diabetic babies and children

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For the disease to be well controlled by the family, it is necessary for the child to take responsibility for its care. At school, the diabetic child should be treated in the same way as other children. You can stay to eat, as long as you know and take responsibility for your diet.

Parents and teachers should strengthen their relationship in this regard. It is important that the child with diabetes does not feel 'special' don't stay out of the way, or use diabetes as an excuse not to do what you have to do. They must learn to make decisions every day about their health, food, insulin injection, the dose to take, etc.

When glucose increases, children feel more thirsty. When it decreases, children experience tremors, cold sweats, rapid heart rate, and lack of response to stimuli. This variation, in some cases, can lead the child to coma.

Diabetes decreases the body's ability to fight infections and heal wounds, which is why infections last longer and wounds take time to heal. Diabetic children are more likely to have foot problems, heart and kidney disease, and a type of gum disease that can lead to tooth loss. Diabetes can also cause blindness if it is not treated.

A survey conducted on behalf of the North American Diabetes Association found that 68% of diabetics were unaware that they were at high risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke. Even when blood sugar levels are controlled, diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Part of the reason is that lDiabetes affects cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Usually, diabetic children also suffer from high blood pressure and obesity, which increases the risk even more. It is important for diabetics to get regular checkups, control their weight and cholesterol, follow a physical exercise program, lower blood pressure if it is high, and do not smoke.

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