Surprising Christmas markets in Argentina. Kids plans

Surprising Christmas markets in Argentina. Kids plans

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Although it is not cold, nor is there snow, in the southern hemisphere of the planet the tree is also put on, the red hats are taken off and one visits Santa Claus to deliver the letter with the most special wishes for the most magical night of the year.

Whether you live there or if you are thinking of taking a trip through this area of ​​the world on these important dates, you cannot miss the magical and original Christmas markets in Argentina.

1. Sale Palermo Christmas Market
It is an open-air Christmas market that is held every year in the Palermo neighborhood on Tribuna Plaza (Av. Del Libertador 4401, in Buenos Aires). It is aimed at children living the Christmas spirit and enjoying the activities that are organized there, such as the visit to the house of Santa Claus or the musical numbers in which Christmas songs are sung. In the market, we can also taste typical gastronomy of the time in its foodtrucks decorated for the occasion.

2. Christmas park
It is open to the public from December 8 to 24 at Av. Del Libertador and Sarmiento in Thays Park in Buenos Aires. Entrance is free and open. It is a theme park dedicated to Christmas in which we can visit santa claus toy factory and the village of the goblins who work in it. Throughout the park, we will find multiple activities and games related to Christmas.

The best thing about the park is the great christmas parade floats in which Santa Claus participates in his sleigh. The parade has acrobats and artists who make this parade a unique show. In addition, throughout the park there are Christmas sets where photos can be taken and we can take our letter to Santa Claus.

3. The contest of sculptural cribs
Another place to visit at Christmas in Buenos Aires is the Luis Perlotti Sculpture Museum, in which the Christmas nativity scenes participating in the annual contest are exhibited. The nativity scenes they are true works of art. It is curious to observe the works of each of the figures that compose them.

4. San Telmo Market
It is not an exclusively Christmas market, it is rather a traditional antique market, but at Christmas there are specific stalls of nativity scenes and tree decorations. This market (Bolívar 970, C1066 AAT, Buenos Aires) has been held every Sunday since 1970 and has more than 250 stalls.

5. Flea market
The same happens with the Flea Market, in the Colegiales neighborhood of the Buenos Aires capital, where you can find garlands, cribs and ornaments for the tree, but also unique objects and curiosities. The Flea market It is a trip to the past that is worth doing.

6. The Christmas tree on the beach
But there is a curious proposal for live christmas differently in Argentina, that is, without a doubt, that of Mar Azul, in the province of Buenos Aires. All the neighbors collaborate in the christmas tree decoration, which is placed on the same beach with the sea in the background. The neighbors write a wish on each ornament of the tree and invite you to taste the typical foods for Christmas dinner, such as nougat, puddings, dried fruits or sweet bread, a bun decorated with raisins and candied fruits.

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