Santa's helper. Swiss Christmas legend

Santa's helper. Swiss Christmas legend

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Christmas is an illusion, but it is also a time to take stock of what each one has done throughout the year and to realize what was not done well. You can take the opportunity to teach your child to reflect on their actions and the consequences they may have.

In this tale, based on a Swiss legend, a boy receives a good lesson for all the evil he did to his sister throughout the year.

Santa Claus receives every year all the letters from the children, from all the countries in the world, and he files them according to what they ask for: dolls, video games, clothes ... But he had a letter that he could not classify ... in it , a Swiss girl, Erika, did not ask for games, clothes or school supplies. It said the following:

'Dear Santa Claus: this year I don't want you to bring me any toys, because my brother is so bad that he always breaks them for me. I just want my brother to be good and not bother me anymore, neither me nor my dog, because he is always doing tricks on him. '

Santa Claus was moved. What could he do to grant the little girl's wish? The first thing he did was search the list of good kids. And there was Erika, among the first names. According to the description, Erika helped around the house, did her homework, tried hard to get good grades, and if that wasn't enough, she helped the elderly and never fought with her friends.

Then he looked up his brother's name. What was supposed: Hans wasn't on the list.

Santa Claus thought about what to do. And then an idea occurred to him. He recalled that many Swiss children asked him in their letters to catch Krampus, a demon with large horns and sharp teeth, who walked freely through the field, frightening everyone and carrying chickens and sheep in a sack.

Santa Claus searched for Krampus and found him on a farm. He was huge, and very hairy, and he carried a huge sack full of chickens on his back.

- Krampus - he said to the demon - I need you to come with me. I need a helper to scare children who have misbehaved. But instead of chickens, you will bring them coal.

Krampus liked the idea. He loved scaring others, and children even more. So he accepted.

That christmas eve Hans received a visit from Krampus. He thought it had been a nightmare, because he showed up in his sleep, but seeing his presents the next morning, he realized it was real. Instead of toys, he had only received a small pile of coal. With this gesture, he learned his lesson, and did not behave so bad at home ever again.

1. What did Erika say in her letter to Santa Claus?

2. What did Swiss children ask of Santa Claus?

3. Who was Krampus?

4. What lesson can we learn from this story?


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